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Sneak Peek: Justice League #22

Posted on June 6, 2013 at 4:13 am by Tyler Waterman

DC’s upcoming crossover event Trinity War will tie together all three of the different Justice Leagues into a massive battle that will (as always) leave no part of the DC Universe the same, and the whole thing kicks off in Justice League #22. DC was kind enough to show some preview pages for that issue, and they’re pretty epic! Clearly mixing Pandora’s Box with Superman is a terrible idea, and seeing as how the event is supposed to begin because of a terrible death, things don’t look good for the Man of Steel. (Of course, they aren’t going to kill Superman as his movie is in theaters… but is Superman going to kill someone else?)

Check out the pages below, and get ready for the first massive New 52 event to begin next month.

Source: DC Comics Official Blog

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