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Sneak Peek: Flash #23.2 – The Rogues

Posted on September 16, 2013 at 1:59 pm by Tyler Waterman

One of the most interesting aspects of Villains Month has been seeing which villains haven’t thrown their lot in with the Crime Syndicate. While the majority of DC’s baddest individuals have taken the coin and joined the Secret Society, a handful of individuals have found themselves unable or unwilling to be a part of the evil organization. In some cases, such as with Black Manta in Aquaman #23.1, we’ve even seen them make it clear they intend to tear it all down.

One group we knew in particular was unlikely to play well with others is the Rogues, the Flash’s main group of villains, who barely manage to coexist together. This week, The Flash #23.2 shows us just how the Rogues react to the events of Forever Evil, and leads into the upcoming tie-in, Forever Evil: Rogues’ Rebellion. 

The issue hits stands Wednesday, but you can see the first few pages below. DC has made it clear at least one Rogue will reject the Secret Society membership coin; any guesses as to who?

Source: DC Comics Official Blog

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