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Sneak Peek: Damian Son of Batman #1

Posted on October 5, 2013 at 7:05 am by Tyler Waterman

Damian Wayne has been dead for eight months now, and believe me when I tell you that die-hard Damian fans like myself still can’t believe that he’s gone. Of course, the end of Batman Incorporated left the door open for us to see more of Damian in the future, but as anyone who’s had a favorite character die can attest, knowing your favorite can come back isn’t quite as good as him actually being back.

That being said, we Damian fans don’t have to go completely without him. Enter Damian: Son of Batman, a four-part miniseries drawn and written by Andy Kubert, who helped create the character along with Grant Morrison. This miniseries will explore an alternate future where Damian is very much alive, and takes on the destiny he was always groomed for: becoming Batman.

“He’s the same wise guy we’ve always seen,” says Kubert. “But we’ll see how he matures. He has to make some difficult choices that will make him grow not only as a superhero but a young superhero into adulthood.”

As anyone who read Batman #666 can attest, one of the greatest parts of the Damian mythos is his future as Batman. However, the future we’ve always seen is bleak, in a Gotham so devastated by Joker toxin that the government eventually destroys the whole place. Will this new take be different, or is that fate unavoidable for the son of Batman? Come October 30th, we get to find out!

Now if only DC would hurry up and bring him back in the real continuity too…

Source: DC Comics Official Blog

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