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Sneak Peek: Catwoman #36

Posted on November 26, 2014 at 6:15 am by Tyler Waterman

Catwoman is kind of a big deal right now in Gotham. That’s not to say she’s not always a player, but right now, Selina Kyle is the game herself. Selina has won the top spot in the crime community of Gotham, but as any Batman fan knows, the person at the top rarely stays there for long. Can Selina continue to keep her throne when every other family, syndicate, gang and supervillain wants to come take it? What about when one of the people gunning for her is… Catwoman?!

You’ll find out soon, because Catwoman #36 is out today! Still on the fence? Check out the preview below!




CTW_36_2_54735bf1b07d69.11791559 CTW_36_3_54735bf0d606e8.16812032 CTW_36_4_54735bee9d3ce7.39168483 CTW_36_5_54735bd07706f5.96472834

Source: DC Comics Official Blog

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