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Sneak Peek: Batman Superman #5

Posted on October 15, 2013 at 4:54 am by Tyler Waterman

Batman/Superman has been a huge hit since it premiered, and how could it not be? They’re the World’s Finest for a reason! And though the news that Jae Lee would be leaving the title and taking his unique art style with him was sad, it looks as though the title’s art isn’t about to suffer.

Take a look below at Brett Booth’s art for the upcoming Batman/Superman #5, and rejoice that this title is clearly still going to be a joy for the eyes! The title is also headed back to modern times, promising a massive battle that will bring in many other characters, such as Metallo and Nightwing. Writer Greg Pak promises there will be some new characters as well, though we’ll have to wait until November 6th to find out just who they are and how they’ll affect our heroes.

Source: DC Comics Official Blog

BMSM_5_01_600 BMSM_5_02_03_600[1]

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