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Sneak Peek: Avengers #18

Posted on July 30, 2013 at 6:25 am by Tyler Waterman

The interstellar event Infinity is underway; although the first issue of the actual book hasn’t hit yet, the impact of the event is already playing out across the pages of Marvel books. Needless to say, Avengers is going to feature prominently in this event, focusing on the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes exploits in space.

One of those exploits will involve partnering with former enemies who’ve become allies by default, with no better example than their newest friends… the Skrulls?! That’s right, those shape-shifting big-chinned bullies from the Secret Invasion are back, and they’re just as desperate for help against the Builders as, well, everyone else. Will working with the Skrulls help bury the hatchet, or do the previous wounds run too deep to come back from? Check out the pages below for now, and find out everything this August 21st!


avenge18.2.1 avenge18.2.2 avenge18.2.3 avenge18.2.4 avenge18.2.5

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