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Sneak Peek: Arkham Unhinged #16

Posted on July 9, 2013 at 8:41 am by Tyler Waterman

DC has several high quality digital-only comic titles, books that really shine despite not having much of the spotlight. In particular, there are several excellent Bat-titles, ranging from the superb Legends of the Dark Knight or the fan-favorite (myself included) Batman Beyond. 

These books are so good that they’re now seeing paper prints, and one of those getting the shelf-treatment is Arkham Unhinged. The book is based in the Arkham Asylum/City/Origins series made famous by the video games, and tells the story of how Arkham City came to be.

Check out the preview below, and check out this book in either digital or print form!

Source: DC Comics Official Blog

Batman Arkham Unhinged 16_Print_Cover BMAU_16_1_0 BMAU_16_2 BMAU_16_3 BMAU_16_4 BMAU_16_5

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