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Sneak Peek: Amazing X-Men #1

Posted on October 8, 2013 at 3:45 pm by Tyler Waterman

Once Battle of the Atom ends, what will remain? I can guarantee at least one thing: there will be a new X-book! Enter Amazing X-Men, the newest title in the X-library that promise to open with a bang, or more appropriately, with a bamf. While I doubt anyone really believed Nightcrawler would stay dead, Amazing X-Men is the book that brings him back, as Wolverine puts together a team to rescue the heart and soul of the X-Men from what looks to be Hell itself.

How exactly will the pull that off? And what role do the Bamfs play in this? And how the heck does Firestar become an X-Man? Find out the answers this November when Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness bring us Amazing X-Men!







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