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Sneak Peek: Adventures of Superman

Posted on May 28, 2013 at 4:09 am by Tyler Waterman

DC’s Preview Monday is Super-centric this week, as both titles are related to Krypton’s last son. The first is a look at the latest Superman titles, Adventures of Superman, a monthly anthology designed solely to tell epic stories of Superman’s exploits against villains new and old. Books like these are always refreshing, especially for characters like Superman. They give creators a chance to try different things without upsetting current storylines, and allow readers to see sides of all-powerful characters we might not see otherwise.

Check out the pages below, and be sure to grab this book when it hits shelves this Wednesday!

Source: DC Comics Official Blog


advofsup1 advofsup2 advofsup3 advofsup4 advofsup5 advofsup6

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