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Sleepy Hollow: Witchy Witchy Women

Posted on September 24, 2013 at 5:15 pm by Jess Hicks

This week I tuned back into Fox’s new series, Sleepy Hollowand I had a pretty good time with it. This week Ichabod and Abbie face the evil witches of Sleepy Hollow, Officer Andy is back from the dead and Ichabod learns new things about the 21st century. As always be warned of spoilers ahead!

This week started on a high note for me with Ichabod being chased by the Headless Horseman along with some other pretty foreboding riders (I assume the horseman of the end of times). His wife comes to him and warns him of the coming blood moon which is to bring upon some truly wicked destruction to the town of Sleepy Hollow. It seems the wicked witches of Sleepy Hollow are trying to regain life by taking the lives of the last descendants of the people who burned them.

Sleepy Hollow Charred Witch

The visual style of this show is totally awesome, the creatures are creepy in a legitimate way and the use of color really brings out the atmosphere. In particular this episode brought back Officer Andy, who at the end of the last episode had his neck broken by the unidentified demon, is brought back to life. However, when he is brought back his head is still wrenched backwards in a grotesque way. I like that they aren’t afraid to do things in a disturbing fashion while also mixing in some clever comedy.

Though things are pretty grim for the residents of Sleepy Hollow, what with witches burning people to death and people getting their heads chopped off, the writers also blend in comedy rather well. I was kind of worried that that “Hey let’s introduce Ichabod to things because he is old” shtick would get annoying after awhile but I think it is well mixed in and not to persistent. The banter between Abbie and Ichabod is equally amusing as they try and figure each other out. It doesn’t slow down the story much and it lets the audience in on how each character feels.

Sleepy Hollow Head Snap

There is quite a bit of seriousness involved in this episode as well, mainly with Abbie trying to come to terms with the loss of her partner and not living the life she originally wanted. She has a good depth that is lost on a lot of female characters in that she can have emotions and feelings but doesn’t let them take over…at least not yet. However, coming from the writers of Star Trek I can’t see that happening.

Abbie has a lot of demons to face and secrets to keep, one being her visions of her dead partner who warns her not to be afraid of  “the number 49”. We quickly discover 49 is on relation to her sister who has been locked away at an institution for years and who may or may not be seeing the unidentified white demon. Personally, I’m not real excited about the prospect of her sister becoming a main character, I think it will just add unneeded conflict but it will be interesting to see her approach to the demons.

One thing that is somewhat grating so far is the continuous lack of belief that side characters have for Ichabod’s “theories”. We know he is telling the truth and we know that everyone will eventually realize that but the path connecting those two things is a long and annoying one. I actually had this same problem with The X-Files and Scully’s constant need to disprove things…but that is neither here nor there. All I ask is to get rid of those unnecessary scenes after the next episode. Please?

This episode pretty much cemented me in for the rest of the season, it was entertaining, intriguing, funny and creepy. I was kind of disappointed that there was no Headless Horseman really this time around but the evil witch story line is pretty cool. I am looking forward to finding out who exactly this white demon is and I am not totally convinced Ichabod’s loving wife is actually so loving. What do you guys thin”k? Are you enjoying this spin on the story? Leave a comment below!

Sleepy Hollow “Blood Moon”: A-

Sleepy Hollow, “Blood Moon” aired on FOX on September 23rd at 9/8c. 

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    • Jennifer

      I’m sold! I kinda think its a little too scary, but I’m a total weenie. 😉

      • Jess

        For being a FOX show it is sort of scary, I think it’s a good blend. I’m glad you are liking it!

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