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Sleepy Hollow, “This is War” No head, No shirt, No problem

Posted on September 23, 2014 at 9:00 am by Jennifer Langdon


Sleepy Hollow, “This is War” brought us back to this sleepy, mysterious town with a bang! The show starts out with Abbie and Ichabod celebrating his 251st birthday. In a sweet show of Ichabod’s ignorance of today’s birthday customs, Ichabod asked Abbie, “Do I just stare at it?” He’s adorable.

That whole scene sucked me in. Abbie and Ichabod have great chemistry. It made me think that if Katrina really is dead, it might be for the best. He and Abbie make quite an amazing pair, and Ichabod Crane is adorable. Then I was brought back to now and said, wait a minute! Last I remembered Katrina was being carried away, Jenny was presumed dead in a car accident, Ichabod was being buried alive by his son, and Abbie was trapped in Purgatory. What the heck?

Once my brain brought me back to the show, I saw it! Henry’s eyes did that demon thing the writers use to show us some sort of possession thing is happening. I got so excited! That’s when Henry reveals that it was all a trick by Henry and Moloch to get Abbie to tell them where the key is that will let Moloch and his demon army leave Purgatory and come to the world of the living without having to trade one soul for another.

I was so glad it was a trick because I was super confused. But that’s when the real fun started. Ichabod literally blew himself out of his coffin by using the sulfur in the surrounding dirt. Jenny simultaneously escaped her crazy captors and coincidentally the two were only a few miles away from each other. Jennie texted Ichabod her location (how very 2014 of Ichabod to understand) and next thing you know bullets were a blazing and Ichabod crashed into the building to save her. It was endearing watching Ichabod try to put the ambulance in reverse, but you’re immediately brought out of that by Jennie’s badassery.


Jennie and Ichabod set out to find the key to Purgatory. It turned out that Ichabod knew where it was all along. We got to see how he knew from a series of amusing flashbacks of his relationship with Ben Franklin. He quipped about being there when Ben was flying his kite and Jennie joked about how its “all about the Benjamins.” Once they found the key, Ichabod went to Purgatory where he found Abbie and brought her back.

Abbie’s scenes in Purgatory were a bit scary. It was nice to see Andy back and looking like a normal deputy sheriff. I love his character and I always like when he is involved in the story line. He helped Abbie talk to Ichabod on the other side. I think Katrina’s scenes with the Headless Horseman were even scarier that Abbie’s scenes in Purgatory. I thought it was amusing though to see the headless dude without his shirt on. Then the illusion of him with a head was super creepy.

“This is War” ended strong with Abbie being reunited with her sister and partner. But even better than that was Moloch’s “gift” to Henry. Moloch made Henry a fire wielding, faceless horseman to control. Season 1 of Sleepy Hollow ended with us craving more and I wasn’t sure where they were going to go from there. I think season 2 of Sleepy Hollow started out well. It’s hard not to be disappointed when they finished so strong last year.

“This is War” – B+

Sleepy Hollow Season 2, Episode 1 “This is War” aired September 22, 2014 on FOX.

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