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Ben Franklinstein’s Monster – Sleepy Hollow, “The Kindred” Review

Posted on September 30, 2014 at 7:00 am by Jennifer Langdon


I’m really digging where season two of Sleepy Hollow is taking us. The format is very similar to season one in that there is a discovery, a mini scavenger hunt, an endearing engagement between Ichabod and some 21st century technology or concept, a run-in with a monster, something getting shot at or blown up, and the end.

Spoilers ahead! Stop reading this if you haven’t watched it yet.

In Sleepy Hollow “The Kindred” we start out with Ichabod telling Abbie about a discovery he made. The Kindred is a soldier made up of the best parts of different soldiers that could be brought to life by a body part from the Horseman of Death, aka the Headless Horseman.

This led us to Abbie visiting former Sheriff Irving in jail. I missed him! I’m so glad he’s back and it looks like he’s going to be playing an entirely different role than last season. That scene at the end between Irving and Henry Parish had me screaming at my TV, “Don’t do it Irving!!!” But I digress. Abbie asked Irving where the Headless Horseman’s head can be found and he told her he put the head in a safe deposit box at Sleepy Hollow Bank & Trust.


The scene in the bank was probably the best scene in the show, but I’m very partial to seeing Ichabod talk about modern day. It was amusing seeing him yell at the poor banker dude trying to do his job, but I laughed pretty hard when he held one of those bank pens that are attached to the desk and said, “These people trust you with their finances yet you do not trust them with your ink well?” It was hilarious.

Ichabod and Abby went looking for the Kindred through a series of discoveries in Ben Franklin’s writings, which led them on yet another mini scavenger hunt to find the Kindred buried somewhere beneath Sleepy Hollow. They resurrected the Kindred outside the house where the Headless Horseman is keeping Katrina in hopes it will lure him out and Ichabod can sneak in and take Katrina back. It worked! We got to see a battle between three monsters! The Kindred woke up in time to fight off both the Horseman of Death and the Horseman of War while Ichabod attempted to get Katrina back. Sadly Katrina decided not to go but to instead stay with Abraham (the Headless Horseman) and find out how he and Henry (the Horseman of War) plan to bring back Moloch.


In the end, Jennie is in jail because the new Sheriff in town, Sheriff Leena Reyes, had her arrested for having a bunch of weapons and lurking around the Sheriff Department archives. Former Sheriff Irving was put into the same mental hospital Jennie used to be in. Only Irving is duped into signing a contract with Henry Parish to have Henry represent him as his lawyer. Yikes! Abbie and Ichabod escaped the two Horseman but the Kindred is still out there and on the loose.

That leads me to my only complaint about the episode. Former Sheriff Irving went through great lengths to protect the Headless Horseman’s head. He had his stored in a safe deposit box, behind locked doors, under 24 hour surveillance. Abbie and Ichabod had the head for only a few hours and don’t seem nearly as concerned as they should be that The Kindred took off with the head!

“The Kindred” – B+

Sleepy Hollow, Season 2 Episode 2, “The Kindred” aired September 29, 2014 on FOX

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