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Sleepy Hollow, “Deliverance” Review – Demon Baby Drama

Posted on November 4, 2014 at 7:00 am by Jennifer Langdon


I like Sleepy Hollow. I like it a lot. But if I sit and analyze the details of the events that keep this show rolling, it’s becoming a little laughable. Mills and Crane always turn to some book that they have sitting on a desk near them or from a bag they’re carrying. They almost always turn right to the page where the info they need happens to be on, and the information is always easy to understand and makes perfect sense to them. Plus Ichabod Crane has no problem recalling memories that are over 250 years old! Not just the gist of the memory but incredible details of the memory. It’s a bit nuts.

Spoilers ahead!

“Deliverance” starts out with Ichabod Crane naked in bed with his wife Katrina. Yes, please. Crane naked in every episode should be something the writers look into. Too bad it turns into a yucky nightmare for Katrina. She wakes up to find that she is sick and that Henry is under orders of Moloch to take Katrina away. Katrina escapes and ends up in a hospital as a Jane Doe.

Crane and Mills are at the polls where Mills is exercising her right to vote. This sparks great disdain by Crane and his disappointment about modern day voter turnout. The writers should look into an episode of Crane and Mills walking around making observations about modern day technologies and everyday modern life. I think I would love that show! While they’re in the polling place, a fellow officer comes in and tells Mills about a red headed Jane Doe that came in dressed in Colonial threads. They take off to the hospital where they find Katrina.

Mills and Crane bust Katrina out of the hospital and Crane is visibly uncomfortable with the “gothic” clothes Katrina is wearing. Mills follows the dudes that Katrina pointed out were with Henry when he came to get her, and Crane and Katrina take off. Katrina remembers a symbol on the doctor’s book and of course Crane grabs a book, flips through a few pages and says, “Is this it?” Of course it is. Then he goes into a story about this symbol being linked to a mysterious ailment in a young woman. Mills follows the guys to a lab and snaps some pictures of the setup. She sees a stone slab, a bed, some surgical equipment and a body. She gets back to Crane and Katrina and of course the pictures look great. Not ridiculous at all. They determine Katrina is pregnant and Crane is mad! Ha! He thinks Abraham is baby daddy, but quickly changes his mind and decides she’s pregnant with a demon instead. Why not?

They end up at St. Henry’s Parish where Katrina and Crane think they can convince Henry to save her. Mills thinks they’re both bat shit crazy. Crane goes to Henry where Henry quickly dissolves any hope Crane had that Henry really is just a scared boy underneath all that evil. Henry tells Crane that Mommy Dearest is actually brewing Moloch in her womb. Meanwhile Mills finds out the same info from another random book that they’ve been carrying around.

“I must Internet. Immediately.” Best line, hands down. Crane remembered that Ben Franklin wrote an article about the Aurora Borealis fending off demons. They quickly find the article and decipher the code embedded in the article to find that Franklin built and Aurora Prism and hid it in the stone slab. Of course, the slab that Mills saw and took a picture of! If they shine the light through the prism in front of Moloch, he won’t be born. Easy enough. Mills goes to Sheriff Reyes and tells her that there is a Dooms Day Club in Sleepy Hollow and that she can take them down and clean up the town. Make it the town it was back in the day. So, with the help of Reyes’s department, Mills and Crane storm the lab. The slab was locked in a safe and Crane was trying to decipher the code when Mills yells, “It’s a freakin’ evil club! Try 666…!” It worked.

The duo get back to the church in time to save Katrina’s life and stop Moloch from being born. Of course. “Deliverance” wrapped up way too quickly for all the set up they went through trying to convince the viewer that we were going to lose one of our stars this week. They revealed how she was going to be saved, found the relic, then saved her. Lame. Katrina could be so much more interesting! She did make a hex to warn them that Henry’s goons were coming, but that’s the only cool thing she’s done in a while. Come on, writers. She’s a witch! Let her do cool witch stuff!

Sleepy Hollow, “Deliverance” – B

Sleepy Hollow Season 2, episode 7 “Deliverance” aired on Fox on November 3rd, 2014.

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