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Simon Pegg Points at Ant Man in a Photo; Internet Explodes at the Possibilities

Posted on August 15, 2013 at 6:50 pm by David "Snackbar" Edmundson

ant man comic

Simon Pegg is proof that a funny guy can also be smart (whereas I am proof that it’s possible to be neither). Since the moment it was announced that longtime friend and co-conspirator, Edgar Wright, was directing the Ant Man film for Marvel, everyone has been hoping for a “Simon Pegg is Ant Man” announcement. The Interweb rumor mill was kicked into high gear earlier today when Pegg tweeted a photo of himself at the Marvel offices pointing to a picture of the Marvel comics character Ant-Man.

Pegg is currently in the middle of the US press tour for his new film The World’s End (co-written and directed by Wright), and today he stopped by the Marvel offices to participate in a podcast. The actor subsequently took to Twitter to share images from his visit, and after tweeting photos of him holding Thor’s hammer and standing underneath Hulk, Pegg shared the following image:


So, does this mean that Pegg is starring in Ant-Man? Possibly. Or he could just be having fun with the Internet, and it’s a “jump first, be wrong, retract, repeat” mentality. There has been no official casting announced for the film. We don’t even know which iteration of Ant-Man will be the main character in Wright’s pic. The film isn’t slated for release until November 2015, and filming likely won’t get underway until well into next year, so firm casting decisions probably haven’t even been made yet.

This could always just be Pegg drawing attention to the Pegg/Wright collaboration The World’s End, which opens in just one short week.

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