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SDCC 2013 Recap: DC

Posted on July 23, 2013 at 9:56 am by Tyler Waterman

Every SDCC, the criticism abounds that comics are being forced out of their own Con by movie and television panels and premiers. To these critics, I say thee nay! There is still tons of comic information to be had every year; in fact, sorting through it all can be nearly impossible. That’s why I’ve diligently put together these handy summaries for both Marvel and DC, to help make the deluge of news become a manageable stream of knowledge!

DC’s approach to SDCC 2013 was more traditional, and more along the lines of what I’d expected from Marvel as well. Instead of a large number of surprising new announcements, DC spent the Con divulging information about their already established storylines, premiering new art and details for both major events like Trinity War and Forever Evil, as well as individual books like Batwing and Talon. Oddly enough, they also had a strong focus in their panels on books that are already on shelves; for simplicity, this breakdown will only focus on the new bits of info coming from DC.

Trinity War

  • Trinity War is clearly shaping up to be an event focusing heavily on providing newer, less popular heroes a spotlight along with the big names.
  • According to Geoff Johns, Vibe is going to be crucial to the plot, particularly his effect on Flash; there’s something not right with Flash, only Vibe can sense it, and it’s important to the overall story.
  • Johns also promises that Zatanna will “cut loose,” and Constantine will also be a major factor in the story.
  • Jeff Lemire made a point to mention that Trinity War will feature unusual alliances as well, with Stargirl and Frankenstein as an example.
  • Ray Fawkes stressed that Pandora will be a “major x-factor” as well.


Zero Year

  • Both Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo stressed the entire panel how important it was to them that this was “their own thing,” that they set out to tell the origin of Batman as their own individual masterpiece. (If you’ve been reading it, you know they’re doing exactly that!)
  • Batman #24 will be double-sized, will feature a never-before-seen look for Batman and a new Batmobile that Capullo promises we’ve never seen anything like before.


Forever Evil

  • New information was surprisingly sparse for Forever Evil, but one notable piece of information confirmed by Geoff Johns is that the event was in fact villains vs. villains.
  • The covers for the three tie-ins, Forever Evil: Arkham War, Forever Evil: Rogue’s Rebellion and Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. were also premiered. 





Green Lantern

  •  The upcoming Green Lantern #24 will feature Relic’s origin, hits shelves October 2nd.
  • Red Lanterns is undergoing a massive storyline change, as Guy Gardner is sent to infiltrate the Red Corps, but ends up becoming their leader after killing Atrocitus!
  • Kyle will begin to manifest new abilities as the White Lantern in upcoming issues of New Guardians, and a new emphasis will be placed on Kyle once again becoming a “corps of one.”
  • Not much was revealed about the upcoming event Lights Out, in which Relic will be the main villain, but it was confirmed that the upcoming Green Lantern Annual would be the launching point for the story arc.





New 52

  • Superman/Wonder Woman #1, featuring the ultimate power couple in their own book, will hit shelves October 9th.
  • Lady cosplayers rejoice, November sees the start of the new solo series Harley Quinn.
  • Bane and the titular character of Talon have been at each other’s throats, and Batman is about to take notice.
  • Batwing will be taking Luke Fox to Italy to compete in an MMA tourney, and Batwoman will unveil new details into who trained her to become the crimefighter she is now.





While there weren’t as many huge surprises as the other half of the Big Two, DC definitely did a fantastic job of building the excitement for the upcoming stories they’d already announced. It was also nice to see that many of their smaller titles got such a huge focus in so many panels; DC is clearly out to prove that all their characters are significant, not just the names everyone knows. Hit the comment section below and let us know what you thought of DC’s SDCC showing!

Source: DC Comics Official Blog

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