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[SDCC ’14] HANNIBAL Drops A Bomb In Season 3!

Posted on July 24, 2014 at 8:49 pm by Jess Hicks


Ahem…welcome to the first official day of the San Diego Comic Con of 2014! While some of Geek Legacy is ring side, the rest of us are reporting from home. Tonight’s main attraction for me was the panel for NBC’s hit Hannibal. If you aren’t watching you’re truly missing out on the best show on TV right now (Yes, that includes Game of Thrones).

If you wish to avoid any previous or upcoming spoilers I advise you stop reading now:

So here is what we learned (and what I so totally called!)

  • 4:55 p.m.: Raúl Esparza (Dr. Chilton) arrived and Fuller confirms he’ll be a big part of season three & four

This is huge! Last season Hannibal framed Dr. Chilton for his own crimes and killed a few feds in his home. When Chilton was being questioned he is shot in the face by a disoriented earlier victim of Hannibal’s. From the shot it looked pretty devastating but I knew he couldn’t be dead, his character has a huge role in Silence of the Lambs and even though Fuller isn’t really sticking solely to the books or movies I knew this character would be coming back. No funeral? No touching moments? Chilton is an asshole but come on! He deserves better.


Raúl Esparza does a wonderful job portraying the greedy Dr. Frederick Chilton and we have all come to love the character, and even feel bad for him considering what Hannibal has put him through. I’m so happy he will be back and I hope this means a big future for Esparza in other projects, he’s truly magnetic to watch. 

  • 4:57 p.m.: Eddie Izzard will be returning but only in flashbacks, sorry guys there isn’t really any coming back from gastrointestinal catastrophe

I enjoy Izzard so I am interested to see what his role in the flashbacks will convey, presumably his own murders and how Hannibal used him to his advantage?

  • 4:59 p.m.: Fuller teases a lot of characters from the books, including Francis Dolarhyde (who shows up episode eight), Lady Murasaki and Commander Pazzi. Dolarhyde is the big deal given he is the villain in Red Dragon which will probably be the story line for season 4. 

I know Francis Dolarhyde is a big deal but I am really interested to see Lady Murasaki because this means we get to see Hannibal flashbacks which means possibly getting a story line about his doomed sister. I am curious to see when his early time line will take place since it will not be able to be set in WW2 as it is in the books.

  • 5:01 p.m.: Martha DeLaurentiis explains we won’t be seeing Clarice Starling anytime soon because of legal rights.

I’m really only sad about this because I would’ve really liked to see a new Buffalo Bill story line. However, I can’t be too sad because this show has done so well without that story that it doesn’t even seem like it’s missing.

Other Fun Stuff: 

  • David Slade confirmed the show is so dark looking because of the overall theme not because of budgetary reasons. I say keep it up, I can always adjust the brightness of my TV.
  • Fuller confirmed that while Hannibal and Will ARE in a kind of “love” it is not meant to be sexual. Sorry fannibals you’re going to have to stick with Tumblr if you want that
  • Fuller says a lot of his visual look is inspired by David Cronenberg and David Lynch
  • Next season’s titles will all be Italian dishes
  • Fuller says TWEET him ideas for names of Will’s dogs @BryanFuller

Well that’s all I have to report on Hannibal and I absolutely cannot wait for season 3 to start, it promises a lot of back story for Hannibal. My only question is…WHAT ABOUT GILLIAN ANDERSON?!?!?! Comment below on your thoughts and hopes for Hannibal! 

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