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Say It Ain’t So: Robin RIP

Posted on February 28, 2013 at 6:13 am by Tyler Waterman

This week the fine folks at Geek Legacy offered me a spot as the Managing Editor of Comics, and one of the many reasons I quickly said yes to the offer was the chance to start reporting on comic news. The world of comics is constantly changing, with big new stories being teased and some sort of controversy always broiling, and I was excited to have a chance to cover it.

I never would have guessed that the first story I’d report on is the death of Damian Wayne.


Damn you Morrison… anything but this…

Damian is one of my absolute favorite characters in all of comics, and if this is truly the end of the character I couldn’t be sadder about it. However, if this is the end, my one respite is that he died a truly epic death. The page encapsulating his last fight featured him inflicting mortal wounds on an unstoppable monster a midst a hail of bullets and arrows, spitting in the face of his killer as he ended it. If you could go back and tell Damian that that’s how he’d die, he would approve. As seen in the pages of Batman Incorporated #8, Robin is dead, killed at the hand of a twisted copy of himself, though truly killed by his own mother. Despite attempted help from Nightwing and just moments away from being saved by his father, Robin faced insurmountable odds and appears to have fallen before them.

Of course, the only thing permanent about death in comics is that death isn’t permanent in comics. While the ending seems quite final, Damian has a history of returning from fatal wounds thanks to his carefully sculpted genetics, and Grant Morrison has a history of killing characters just to bring them back. In fact, this issue features a cover and title the pay homage to Morrison’s death and return of Batman himself. Morrison has also built quite a mythos surrounding Damian’s future as Batman once the rest of the family is gone, which leads me to believe he may yet return in some form.

But, as of now, Robin is dead. Those of us who loved the character can only hope for a return, and take comfort in the fact that Damian Wayne died as he lived: bravely, violently, and holding nothing back.

Trust me lady, I know exactly how you feel...

Trust me lady, I know exactly how you feel…

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    • thejerd

      *dances a jig*

      • Really? Damian is a rabid little Robin. He don't take no $hit from anyone. I love that kid. His mama has some mental health issues though. Bit of a nutjob that one.

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