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Salt and Sanctuary Coming to PS4 and Vita in 2015

Posted on August 28, 2014 at 1:32 pm by Justin Cavender

Salt and Sanctuary

Ska Studios, the Seattle-based Indie game developer, makes their Sony debut with Salt and Sanctuary coming exclusively to PS4 and Vita next year. The action-RPG platformer features stylish hand-drawn 2D art and promises to deliver brutal combat and unforgiving bosses. Makes sense… you’re fighting demons after all.

Salt and Sanctuary has players take on the role of a sailor shipwrecked on a purgatorial island. Sounds pretty scary and the music in the trailer seems to fit the style and tone of the game perfectly.

James Silva and Michelle Juett Silva, The two-person team at Ska Studios, took to the PlayStation Blog to make a formal announcement for Salt and Sanctuary and its Sony exclusivity.

Finally, we’re super excited to announce that Salt and Sanctuary marks Ska Studios’ PlayStation debut! Developing with Sony is a new and exciting thing for us, but as 7 year indie veterans in search of some next-gen direction, we were absolutely blown away by their support, enthusiasm, and devotion to giving us a home on their new platforms. We’re proud to announce that Salt and Sanctuary will be launching exclusively on PS4 and PS Vita next year.

In response to the exclusivity deal, Ska Studios left a comment on YouTube stating, “Don’t worry guys it’s only launch exclusivity! We’re also aiming for PC a little later.”

You can read their full post on the PS Blog and we’ll be sure to share our thoughts on Salt and Sactuary after we get some hands-on playtime at PAX this weekend.

Source: Ska Studios, PS Blog

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