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ROCKET LEAGUE Teases Basketball Mode

Posted on March 30, 2016 at 10:55 am by David "Snackbar" Edmundson


Several weeks ago, the creators of Rocket League hyped up fans everywhere when the studio suddenly teased a potential basketball mode for the game. Psyonix kept quiet about the feature ever since they dropped the tease, leaving fans to speculate on when the new sport would arrive for the game. Now, Rocket League fans can rejoice in the news that the wait has less than a month to go, with Rocket League poised to get its basketball mode this April. Psyonix pushed out the confirmation tweet yesterday, and called the game mode – or at least the map shown in the below gif – Dunk House. It’s an appropriately gritty title for a game where rocket-powered cars smash into each other, and the requirement of jumping up in the air to do ‘dunk’ shots should make it a surefire hit with veterans of the game. The studio recently confirmed that the game was getting cross-network play, meaning gamers on the PC will have a chance to test their skills in the Dunk House with their friends playing from an Xbox One. Sony also indicated it would be interested in collaborating on the cross-play frontier, too, although nothing has come of that as of yet.

Psyonix also confirmed via a separate tweet that the Dunk House update was completely free, meaning the only DLC gamers have to purchase are optional cars like the Batmobile. The studio has yet to comment on if any additional vehicles or cosmetic items will be included with the update, which only shown one map between the teaser tweet and the official release data announcement so far. The adrenaline-filled game started off a smash hit shortly after launching as a free PlayStation Plus title, and word-of-mouth quickly brought the game success on the Steam platform shortly after. Even before the title was announced for the Xbox One, Microsoft fans had found creative ways to get in on the action, too. It looks like Dunk Mode should keep fans entertained for some time, especially when it comes to factors like the game’s creative modifiers. If gamers thought playing with a square ball in standard Rocket League play was rough going, imagine trying to dunk a square basketball with a rocket-powered car. With that visual firmly in place, we’ll keep you posted when the release date gets narrowed down. Rocket League is currently available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The basketball mode will be arriving sometime this April.


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