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Road Redemption: An Early Access Gem

Posted on July 4, 2015 at 9:02 pm by Victor Chaves

ss_0c09a67137a732d68e79f922e0917364aa7f44db.1920x1080Something I have always wanted was a new Road Rash from the Genesis-era reborn into today; the ridiculous speeds, the flamboyant violence, and the progression always made for a raucous Saturday night in the mid-90’s. Since then, there hasn’t really been an entry that ever matched the entropy that Road Rash and Road Rash II ever had until what I just played: Road Redemption. Currently in Early Access on Steam, Road Redemption had me giggling in my seat and my blood whirling in a game clearly inspired by Road Rash, but stepping up to the next level.

Motorcycle Ragin’

The basic idea in Road Redemption is that you ride a motorcycle and pummel everyone in your way to the point that they need to take out a second mortgage. Unlike the old style of Road Rash where the player only needed to win a race to buy better motorcycles to win more races, Road Redemption offers a more Rogue-Like playstyle where as you play you earn money and experience. You spend money on immediate upgrades to health and boost (that are lost upon death), while you spend experience after you die for upgrades that you’ll never lose. It lends a lot to replay capability, and seeing yourself getting further along thanks to those upgrades is really neat.


The killing and fighting in Road Redemption is massively hysterical and satisfying. It’s the right amount of silliness to make any volatile actions seem downright kooky, while also presenting a challenge that retains its excitement all the way. Besides just racing, each level also has different kinds of challenges such as knocking off police officers to get more police officers to appear, surviving a bad drug trip where cars are falling out of the sky, and just plain ol’ bashing helmets with katanas.


Weapons For Days

The weapons you get to play with are bodacious and egregious, with axes, katanas, clubs with nails, uzis, magnums, shotguns, and even C4. It’s a particular delight to successfully tag a jerk with C4 then slam the brakes to see him and his posse get blasted into the air and become pinwheels in the sky. Besides weapons, you can employ CQC by kicking other bikers, shoving them into cars, and even grabbing them and dragging the unfortunate soul right into a semi. With the cool use of boosting and a new launch system that hops the player into the air, there is a lot to do to other bikers and it doesn’t get old.

Naturally being an Early Access game, Road Redemption does have its rough edges like a less-than-polished UI, a weapon system that needs a little rework (letting go of steering to select a weapon is exactly what I do NOT want to do), and the environments could look and interact better (bridge girders do not clip against players or other bikes). However I can overlook this issues since this is the rare Early Access game where actual development is taking place. If you buy in, you can rest easy knowing that the developers, Dark Seas Interactive, will be putting your money into the game to be better than ever.


Should You Invest?

Road Redemption hits all the old buttons while mashing on some new and interesting ones. Seeing as there is already a fair amount of content in game, I can easily suggest that it is worth buying in early! Keep an eye on this one!

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