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REVIEW: What Happened to Monday – Ask Tuesday Through Sunday

Posted on August 27, 2017 at 2:10 pm by Andrew Kendall

What Happened to Monday

What Happened to Monday takes place in a future where overpopulation is taxing the world’s resources. To combat this, a one-child-per-family rule is instigated. The Child Allocation Bureau (CAB) heavily enforces this rule and everyone wears smart bracelets that act as their ID. Guards scan these bracelets at various checkpoints throughout cities worldwide. As the CAB catches siblings, they are put into cryosleep to only be revived after the world’s population has been reduced to sustainable levels.

James McAvoy impressed many with his character in Split possessing 23 unique personalities. IMDb credits him with only seven though, and that even still might be stretching it. Noomi Rapace however, has one upped that seven, and done it better.

What Happened to Monday Willem Dafoe

When the daughter of Terrence Settman (Willem Dafoe) dies after childbirth and leaves behind septuplet identical girls, Terrence decides to hide the girls and raise them in secret. He names each girl after a day of the week and allows them to only leave the apartment on the day of their name. Monday can go out on Monday, Tuesday on Tuesday and so on. Inside the apartment, each girl expresses their individuality in how they dress and behave. Outside though, the girls become and act the part of a single identity: Karen Settman (Noomi Rapace). After 30 years of this and with their grandfather gone, familial tension is high, peaking when Monday doesn’t return one night.

Tommy Wirkola (Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters) directs this sci-fi thriller as the siblings are forced to try to investigate “Karen Settman’s” disappearance while still maintaining the illusion of being her. Imagine trying to investigate your own disappearance. “I’m sorry, I don’t remember. Where did I go after work?” Pretty difficult right? As such, Tuesday is noticeably tense as she leaves the apartment the next day to begin the investigation.

Noomi Rapace does a fantastic job of portraying each sibling and their differing personalities. While each of the siblings may appear to be a simple archetype (druggie, tomboy, nerd, etc.), most of them have enough screen time to be fully realized and believable as individuals. Early in the film, Willem Dafoe is solid as the grandfather. He fully commits to maintaining the girls safety through the Karen Settman persona.

Leading the CAB is Nicolette Cayman (Glenn Close). Unfortunately, Glenn’s performance of the “I am doing what is necessary” character is very stiff. Christian Rubeck on the other hand, has the more active and intimidating role of the two, playing the head of her task force: Joe. Him and his crew bring all the tension in their chase to catch the Settman siblings.

The music mirrors the tension and action scenes respectively very well. And in those moments of action, Noomi Rapace can hold her own. There is an especially thrilling longer take of Thursday and a CAB goon grappling for control of a weapon. Each scene moves to ratchet up the tension except for a sex scene. It throws off the pacing, and in general, seems out of place. It does secure the TV-MA rating though along with the sometimes graphic violence. Only a few moments of brutality had me yell out at the TV.

Noomi Rapace carries this film and does an excellent job so. Her strong performances are the firm foundation of this film that only has a few missteps in story and character. This latest offering on Netflix is well worth your time. Enjoy the thrill ride!

What Happened to Monday is available now to stream on Netflix.

Letter Grade: A-

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