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REVIEW: This Netflix Original Doesn’t Shine Too BRIGHT

Posted on January 2, 2018 at 9:12 am by Andrew Kendall

Right at the forefront, Bright comes off as a weird film. Written by Max Landis, directed by David Ayer, and starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, this Netflix Original tries to blend many elements and fails to deliver most of them. Therefore, tread with caution my friends.

Smith and Edgerton are Daryl Ward (human) and Nick Jakoby (orc), two cops who are already at odds with each other. Previously, Daryl had been shot by an orc and suspects Nick let the shooter get away because… prejudice. Adding fuel to the fire, the LAPD would also rather be a human-only operation. This setup for potential social commentary never pays off. The subject matter resonates uncomfortably and don’t expect that feeling to get any better.

After responding to a call, Daryl and Nick come across indications of a Bright (magic user). They also find a game-changing piece of evidence: a wand. A wand grants unimaginable power to the few who even have the ability to wield one. So, Daryl and Nick have to protect the wand from erybody who wants to attempt to use it. Foremost after the wand is Leilah (Noomi Rapace), an evil elven Bright.

While largely uninspired, the most noteworthy bit of Bright is Joel Edgerton. Even under all the prosthetics, he was the saving grace of the film. Most of his jokes land well and Nick’s a believable character with an arc that can be related too. In contrast, it was hard to relate to and enjoy Will Smith’s character. Most of the other characters are also archetypes with simple or vague motivations. World-building-wise, the fantasy elements unfortunately only really exist to portray prejudice among the different races. So, if you are looking for a fun magical world, it’s probably better to re-watch Harry Potter.

Ultimately, there’s something off about the whole thing. Imagine throwing a bunch of puzzle pieces together to make this film. But, none of the pieces really land right or stick together. As a result, this film might be good to have on in the background but fails to provide much entertainment value. Still, if you ever wanted a blend of Chronicle, Suicide Squad, and End of Watch – this is it.

Bright is available now to stream on Netflix.

Letter Grade: C

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