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Review: HyperX Cloud White Gaming Headset

Posted on September 16, 2014 at 7:00 am by Justin Cavender

HyperX Cloud White Gaming Headset

The HyperX Cloud White Gaming Headset by Kingston launched back in August during Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. This gorgeous headset comes packed with several accessories and is designed to provide lasting comfort throughout extensive gaming sessions on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices. Sure it looks pretty, and for $80 one would hope it not only feels comfortable, but also delivers amazing sound quality for you and other players.

Ooh It’s So Soft (That’s What She Said)

One of the best features to the HyperX headset are the soft over-the-ear memory foam cups. The second I placed these bad boys on my ears, I felt a sense of relief and comfort level fit for first-class travel. The unit itself isn’t heavy or bulky and fits like a glove on top of my melon. People wear gloves on their heads right? The microphone is removable, which is great if you just want to chill out and listen to music or enjoy quality gaming sound without worrying about talking to your friends in party chat. Those of you that prefer fabric can switch to the cloth velour ear cups (included), but I didn’t find them nearly as comfortable.

Plug and Play

For the sake of this review, I used Kingston’s HyperX headset on multiple platforms including my PC, PS4, and Xbox One. All three systems were met with zero resistance and took around two seconds to plug into each device. It’s worth mentioning you will need the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adaptor to use with the Xbox One. Not a big deal for some, but you will have to spend around $25 to get your hands on a new one. While I never had issues with sound quality on the PS4 or Xbox One, there were a few hiccups on my PC while using Skype. Whenever I would use the audio controller plugged into my headset to unmute my mic, my voice would become muffled, which would only be fixed after I unplugged and reconnected the mic cable. Of course this is super silly and rather inconvenient, it could be chalked up to the ghost in the machine or Skype just giving me a hard time.

HyperX Cloud White Gaming Headset Accesories

More Bang for Your Buck

When removing the contents from the package, you will find a plethora of accessories to go with your shiny new headset. In fact, the fine folks over at Kingston even give you a black bag with a velcro seal to keep all your goods safe. In the box, you’ll find a detachable mic, two velour ear cups, a control switch, dual 3.5 to single 3.5 Y-adapter, airplane adapter plug, and extension cable. That’s quite a bit to keep you busy, and you can watch me fumble all these goodies around in my unboxing video posted at the bottom of this review.

Final Thoughts

Aside from the muffled voice mic I experienced on Skype after unmuting the mic, I would say I’m quite pleased with the HyperX Cloud White Gaming Headset. I didn’t have to install any drivers to get it up and running, and the headset feels extremely durable. Even if I forgot to put them in their case for extra protection, I wouldn’t think twice about just throwing them in my luggage before I headed out on a trip. Additionally, Kingston offers a two year warranty with free technical support, which means you don’t have to worry about purchasing an extended warranty from retailers. There are plenty of headsets to choose from out there, and given the ridiculous level comfort and sound quality, I think you’ll be happy with the HyperX headset. Throw in the bag of accessories and you have everything you need to provide you with countless hours of gaming. Just don’t forget about the adapter required for the Xbox One!

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    • Jennifer

      I’ve been looking for a good headset to get for my husband. This looks like a great choice! Your endorsement of the comfort level is a big selling point for me and the price and warranty sound great!

    • Eliceo

      I do like a nice pair of comfortable headphones and I am a sucker for cool packaging. They will moving in front of the line when I go shopping a new pair here pretty soon.

    • John

      I have a set of the black HyperX and they are very comfortable and very amazing while I game it up, i often forget I am even wearing a headset.

    • MrJukes

      I have been using the Microsoft xbox one stereo headphones w/ built-in microphone for a while now but have been unhappy with the fit and mic volume. These sound like the perfect replacement!

    • LynnC

      I love the look of the white headphones. The fact that they are comfortable and easy to use make them a likely choice for me.

    • Scythe

      Nice unboxing video to go along with the review! A box inside a box is always the best. It seems like you get a lot of accessories with the purchase and the white headset looks amazing. I will definitely give these a look when I need to pick up a new headset.

    • Arnel

      I love the look of the headphones and the fact that you can take of the mic! Great review!

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