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REVIEW: Baby Driver – “Nowhere to Run to Baby”

Posted on September 9, 2017 at 8:29 pm by Andrew Kendall

Baby Driver

After Edgar Wright wrapped up The Cornetto trilogy, Wright fans were eager to see what was next. Enter Baby Driver: an intense and loud action/music film methodically shaped around the soundtrack. Edgar Wright has knocked it out of the park with this one.

Baby (Ansel Elgort) is a getaway driver who continuously listens to music to drown out tinnitus. While his associates rob a bank, he is rocking out to “Bellbottoms”. The commotion at the bank interrupts Baby’s jam session a few times and his discomfort at the violence becomes readily apparent. When the deed is done, Baby expertly drives away, escaping the cops and featuring impressive stunt work. Afterwards, Baby dances to and from a coffee shop listening to “Harlem Shuffle” in an impressive long take.

Buddy and Darling

Wright’s attention to detail is phenomenal: Every action and audible sound bite is timed exactly to the music. For example, the beat of “Egyptian Reggae” matches the placement of money as it’s being counted. And during a gunfight, the guns firing become another instrument in the song “Tequila”. The film revolves completely around Baby and the music he listens too.

After accruing a debt to Doc (Kevin Spacey), Baby is paying it off by driving for Docs crew. But, he’s about to have his debt all paid up. So, Baby is eyeing a waitress, Debora (Lily James), and looking forward to leaving the criminal world behind. Without parents, Baby lives with his deaf and wheelchair bound guardian Joseph (CJ Jones), who needs more taking care of than Baby does.

Baby and Debora

Each and every performance is on point. Ansel Elgort plays the reluctant getaway driver. His kind spirit shines when it can, but when it comes down to the business of driving, he is there to “squeal on the road”. Lily James is wonderful and her chemistry with Ansel is great. She has her moments to shine and it is delightful watching the couple fall for each other: singing “B-A-B-Y”, or tapping along to “Debora” in the laundromat. 

For the crew, Kevin Spacey fits right into the intimidating boss role. Listening to him rhythmically rattle off exposition will put a smile on your face. Crew members: Buddy (Jon Hamm), Darling (Eiza González), and Bats (Jamie Foxx) are all solid and each of them has a unique personality. Their range is refreshing to see. They aren’t just one-dimensional crooks.


Edgar Wright shows what creative unique storytelling can accomplish with Baby Driver. This is THE fun summer popcorn movie of the year. Above all else, it deserves the to have the lights down and the sound turned up. There is little doubt, you will have a fantastic time!

Baby Driver will be available on September 12th for digital platforms and on October 10th for Blu-ray and DVD.

Letter Grade: A+

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