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Retro Reviews: Farscape, “Look at the Princess” Part 2

Posted on July 19, 2013 at 12:08 pm by Will Wells

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We return to “Look at the Princess.”  Crichton proposing to Princess Katralla was not a very popular move with Aeryn, as you might imagine.  She discovers that Katralla is actually in love with Tyno, the royal assistant person who has been managing Crichton.  She’s pretty pissed about this, but Chiana accuses Aeryn of only wanting men she can’t have.

Aeryn leaves in a huff and bumps into the Scarran.  He tries to give her a message for Scorpius, but she tells him to piss off.  This results in a fist fight broken up by Empress Novius, who makes some veiled threats about having them both killed.

Crichton, meanwhile, learns about how Princess Katralla’s DNA was poisoned, likely by her brother, so that it took a different species to reach genetic compatibility.  Crichton even gets to hold a hologram of his future child.

John looks at his Holo Baby

This kinda freaks out Aeryn since she’s still having commitment issues and children are pretty commitment-tastic.  Speaking of commitment, John also learns that he and the Princess will be turned into statues for 80ish years – statues that can see and hear everything that goes on around them.  As statues, they will learn how to govern so that when the current Empress dies, Katralla can take over with full knowledge of how to rule.  It’s a system that has worked for 1900 years and counting.

John relates this information to D’Argo.  He’s so upset as he does so that John entirely ignores Chiana orgasming while he’s talking to D’Argo.  It’s a charming scene – particularly since D’Argo is delaying his time with Chiana for John and his problems.  Also, the look of annoyance on Chiana’s face is priceless.  John talks about how everyone he knows will be dead – how staying here will cost him any hope of returning home.  D’Argo suggests that perhaps this is his destiny – that he can make a life and a family here and accept that his old life is over.  Crichton asks D’Argo to be his best man.  D’Argo… misunderstands, starting another group of fanfiction authors.

Double Facepalm

Aeryn finally talks to John, but she is too angry to listen.  John says that it’s time for them to talk, to really talk, but Aeryn says that there’s nothing to say but goodbye.  Aeryn leaves – and an assassin attempts to kill John with a lightning bolt to the neck.  Cut to credits, to be continued.

Look at the Princess part 2 continues with the assassination already in progress.  It is interrupted almost immediately by female ninja in an awesome pink dress – Prince Clavor’s fiancée, Jena.  She introduces herself as Jenavian Chatto, Disrupter, Peacekeeper Special Directorate.  She’s here to make sure that the Prince fails to become king (or to kill him if he succeeds).  She assumes Crichton’s an agent as well, letting him slip back into the fake Peacekeeper roll he’s gotten so good at playing.

There’s a subplot with Moya wandering off to meet her god while Zhaan gets upset about things, but it’s kinda pointless.  There’s also a subplot with Aeryn and some guy who has a crush on her.  Again, mostly pointless, albeit quite funny.

John, meanwhile, is in trouble for slapping the Prince (and accusing him of attempted murder).  Katralla accuses John of lying – until an assassin bot shows up to murder him and Katralla.  Both escape – with some help from a green handmaiden, ro-NA.

ro-NA is the one on the right

Ro-NA is the most trusted handmaiden of the Empress – and she’s been hired by Scorpius to help him capture Crichton.  Which she does.  She leads him into a trap and Crichton is captured by Braca.

John, however, realizes that his value to Scorpius and starts messing with the controls.  When Braca threatens him with his gun, John holds the gun to his head and demands that Braca shoot him, doing an imitation of Scorpius demanding to know how John died.  He points out that Braca doesn’t know Human physiology – he has no idea where it’s safe to shoot.  John heads for the controls again and, when ro-NA tries to stop him (while Braca looks on in shock), John mimes a gun with his hand, puts his finger-gun to his own neck, and quotes “get back or the white boy gets it!” from Blazing Saddles.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is why I frelling love John frelling Crichton.

John arms the weapons, which sets off the planetary security system.  John does a funny dance while the system shoots at their ship.  John kills ro-NA when she attacks him.  Braca puts on his helmet and bails out, leaving John trapped on the ship.  And, as the pod continues taking fire, John hears the voice of Scorpius in his head insisting that he survive.  John heads to the airlock and leaps through vacuum to the transport pod that brought him to the ship (Braca jettisoned it to make room for the incoming pick-up ship).

John mother-frelling Crichton

He makes it on board, albeit not without some serious damage to his person.  Still, he makes it back to the planet and gets some medical treatment.

There is a very good character section in the part that follows.  John talks to Aeryn about how he’s tired – how he can’t run anymore.  It is a really good view into John’s mind – how he’s change over the year and a half we’ve been watching him.  Season 1 John would do anything to keep trying to get home.  Season 2 John is starting to doubt – starting to question.  He wants to get home, but he’s lost that certainty he had before.

I said above that his ability to use bravado and trickery to manipulate his enemies (and make pop-culture references while doing so) was why I love John Crichton.  This is the other half of that – in the space of half an episode, John goes from raving loon to determined survivor to tired traveler.  My compliments to Ben Browder for his seamless transitions between these different aspects.

Continued in Part 3

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