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Retro Review: Farscape, “Liars, Guns, and Money” Part 3

Posted on September 22, 2013 at 1:28 pm by Will Wells

We begin part 3 of “Liars, Guns, and Money” where we left off – Crichton has exchanged himself for Jothee. Aeryn, ever efficient, decides to use Crichton’s plan to save Jothee to instead save Crichton. There is some…tension…about payment, but Aeryn points out that they’re breaking into a bank to rescue Crichton. And, to make matters more complex, Talyn shows up. To help.

Crais, in a moment of supreme irony, lectures Aeryn on the applications and reasons for violence. He plans to offer only medical aid to Moya.

Meanwhile, D’Argo shows Jothee his sword and talks about family history. This doesn’t go so well. Jothee blames his father for the various abuses he’s suffered. He says he doesn’t, but Jothee is massively passive aggressive.

Speaking of passive aggressive, Scorpius heads inside Crichton’s brain to chat with Harvey.

It’s hard to tell, but that’s Harvey and John.
The lack of Hawaiian shirt makes it a little hard to tell.

While he’s there, he puts a lock on Crichton’s muscles, paralyzing him. He even promises Crichton a painless death – not the chip removal that he previously indicated.

... naw, too easy.

No! Not the red and blue LEDs!

Stark has a plan, but unlike his last plan, this one is kind of insane. The mercs are less than thrilled – and, after making it clear that he will kill them if they try to escape, D’Argo agrees. Together, with Pilot’s help, they work on a new plan.

Of course, since we’re a ways into the episode, it’s about time for things to start going wrong. First off, it turns out that male Bloodtrackers don’t have an acute sense of smell. That’s the female mate’s job, and she’s back on their planet. Meanwhile, the Sheyang is having difficulty producing flame. He needs some poison from Zhaan to get his flame on. And, since bad things come in threes, the Bloodtracker’s inability to smell gets him captured and tortured. Natira just loves his eyes.

Realizing that their plan is blown, Aeryn, D’Argo, and the mercs head in, using Moya to buzz the place while a transport lands hot.

It's going so fast!  Speed lines!

A really cool battle sequence ensues with Aeryn carrying a thoroughly ridiculous gun.

The Sheyang can’t produce flame even with the injection. Zhaan and Stark, who were accompanying him, are captured by Scorpius. To set off the fuel inside him, the Sheyang shoots himself in the chest and explodes, destroying the generator and providing a distraction while Zhaan and Stark escape.

Another really cool battle follows, with D’Argo and Bekhesh using night vision goggles to take on an entire platoon of soldiers. Aeryn has to fight blind – her night vision goggles fritz out until about a second before the lights come up. She still killed dozens, even blind.

Meanwhile, paralyzed Crichton is working on an escape plan. He offers Natira the chip in his head, wormhole technology, and one of his baby blue eyes if she will help him escape and get the chip removed without anyone killing him. Once he convinces Natira that Scorpius is planning to kill her for her attempt to kill him in the previous episode, she agrees to help, un-paralyzing Crichton and releasing him from his bonds. Aeryn and D’Argo arrive to help Crichton, the Bloodtracker, and Natira escape. Unfortunately, Harvey reasserts himself and prevents Crichton from fleeing. The Bloodtracker gets shot protecting Crichton, but Aeryn gets Crichton to semi-safety.

Bracha, meanwhile, calls up the Zenetan and has them betray everyone, using the Flax to capture Moya. Before this can become a serious problem, Talyn and Crais return and blow up the Zenetan pirates – all but their captain, who Chiana shoots.

Speaking of shooting, Aeryn has a plan – bank themselves and have Talyn blow the bank up. Crichton is still trying to go to Scorpius, so Aeryn knocks his ass out and D’Argo carries him. They make it to a deposit tube –

And Talyn blows the crap out of the Shadow Depository (the bank).


Later, Rigel takes some time to swim, Scrooge McDuck style, in the loot. Chiana is more sober – Moya is still badly burnt, two mercs died, and Crichton is crazy. Crazier. D’Argo goes to visit Crichton and finds him singing Daisy in a creepy allusion to 2001 a Space Odyssey. And, to make matters worse, the episode ends with Crichton begging D’Argo to kill him. Cheerful!

I've always loved you D'Argo.  Kiss me!

I said this was a three part episode, and it technically is, but the story is continued in the next episode and the opener of the next season, making it more of a five part episode. However, I wanted to wrap things up on “Liars, Guns, and Money” and take a week to return to Babylon 5 before taking that on.

Rating: A

Breakdown: I agonized over this rating. I feel like I should mark “Liars, Guns, and Money” down for not actually resolving. It takes several more episodes to actually reach a conclusion. And yet, this is the entire Shadow Depository arc – they arrived in episode 1 and blew it up in episode 3. “Liars, Guns, and Money” demonstrates many of the greatest strengths of Farscape as a series. It furthers the plot. It develops characters. And it has a creepy blue alien woman who collects eyeballs and likes it when Scorpius sucks her tentacles.

“Liars, Guns, and Money” is just so very indicative of what Farscape is all about – great characters doing ridiculous things while looking awesome and connecting with you on an emotional level. It might not have the thematic elements of “Look at the Princess,” but “Liars, Guns, and Money” has significantly more weight on the plot of the series. And, when I stop and think about what episodes of Farscape really capture the essence of the series, I cannot think of any episode that leaps to mind faster than “Liars, Guns, and Money.” So there you have it.

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