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Retrieve Your Console From the Junkyard

Posted on July 15, 2013 at 1:54 pm by CJ


To the delight of this old gamer, I recently found my Nintendo GameCube under my bed after many years of disuse. For some strange and mystical reason, I didn’t know it was there the whole time. University, the job hunt, and life in general did not allow time to play video games like I used to, and I had left my gaming hardware in the back of my mind.

Game-ControllersMy discovery came at the right time for me to receive the full benefits of the nostalgic thrills of playing games that got me through middle and high school. I had lost most of my games and memory cards, and I still don’t know where most of them are, my friend Rafael from lent me a few GameCube games (Zelda: Twilight Princes, Mario Kart: Double Dash, Spyro: Hero’s Tail) and a memory card so I was able to play again.

I have quick and easy access to a Wii and Xbox 360 since family members own those games and they’re available in the next room, but the GameCube is the most advanced gaming console I own. Prior to that, I had the N64, Playstation, Sega Saturn, Super Nintendo, and an ancient, black and white handheld version of Pac Man (great times man, great times!). I still don’t feel compelled to purchase any of the new stuff, but I will eventually, especially if Nintendo keeps dishing out new versions of the classics like Super Mario and Zelda. 

portable game consoleFeatures like WiFi capabilities and being able to download games straight to the console make modern game consoles more coveted than their older counterparts, but I find that the over-reliance on wireless controls is limiting. For example, the Wii would be rendered useless if you run out of batteries for the remote. There’s nothing quite like the plug and play controllers that the GameCube and consoles prior to that were blessed to use.

There’s no need to throw old consoles away. Keep them as a family heirloom, play them every once in a while, give them to friends or family who would enjoy them. Believe me, they still have value. Some people even go to the lengths of buying imitation consoles like Retro Duo Portable to play their old games. The dazzle of modern graphics does not make the fun packed classics pale in comparison.

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