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Red Hood vs. Punisher in Super Power Beat Down

Posted on July 14, 2014 at 9:54 am by Justin Cavender

Super Power Beat Down

Super Power Beat Down features intense battles between some of your favorite characters in an all out duel to the death. Please keep in mind the winner is determined by fans casting their vote before each match. So if your fighter loses, take it up with the rest of the world that thinks you’re a chump for picking said loser.

In this month’s matchup, presented by Machinima, we get to see who would win in a fight between Red Hood and Punisher. I’m not normally a fan of Punisher and can honestly say I don’t own a single one of his comics. However, I can’t stand Red Hood and wish his character would be erased from comic book history. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard these two would be fighting to the death.

Place your bets and watch the video below for another fun episode of Super Power Beat Down.

Other notable matches include Batman vs. Wolverine, Darth Vader vs, Gandalf, and Captain America vs. Master Chief. Sit back and enjoy the show. That is of course if your fighter wins… Otherwise it’s just depressing.

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