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Ravaged review

Posted on October 19, 2012 at 10:38 am by Stephen Janes

Ravaged by 2 Dawn Games

In this current generation of gaming, the first-person shooter or FPS genre is probably the most diluted, having several new titles being released every week. Despite the market being largely dominated by goliath franchises such as Call of Duty, Battlefield or even Halo, a small yet promising title will sometimes find its way to the top.

2 Dawn Games first foray into the FPS world is a game called Ravaged. Ravaged was funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign back in May 2012 with the intent of creating a “fun game without publisher restrictions.” After spending a few hours playing this game, I can safely say their mission has been accomplished.

Ravaged takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and plays like most other online FPS games, but where this excels is the level design and vehicle choices. Each level offers a unique experience and could have been pulled from a ‘Mad Max’ script. From a destroyed and toppled Statue of Liberty covered in a barren desert to a snowstorm covered Eiffel Tower, the level design is so fantastic that I actually stopped playing to ask, “what the heck happened here?”

Vehicles are not easy to control, but offer a lot of upside when used properly. Each faction will have one aerial vehicle that can be used to offer supporting fire for ground squads, but most players will end up crashing before they can help their team. 2 Dawn Games have made it very clear that piloting vehicles are “not for noobs,” and they definitely lived up to their promise. The only complaint would be how dire these vehicles are due to the large level design and how only a handful of players seemed to master the controls. There are also many different cars, tanks and dune buggy variants to be found.

Every character class has their own upside and their own problems to counter. At first, I spent most of my time as a support troop (carrying a machine gun), but quickly found I couldn’t hit a mountain if I tried. I found myself more liking the classic soldier class, but each character takes some time to getting used to. I never played in any match where one character type overran the map or had an unfair advantage, which was great and no class has any overpowering feats that break the game.

The game modes offered will be familiar to any FPS veteran. Thurst requires your team to capture all of the strongholds until you control the entire map. Resource Control is essentially a capture the flag element added to the Thurst game and then there is Team Deathmatch, which I didn’t participate in. I had fun in each of these game modes and despite not having a huge catalog like Halo or Call of Duty, I didn’t feel bored after playing these same matches over and over again.

Despite having a spotty Internet connection when I was playing, I was never booted from any game or experienced lag so dreadful that I had to quit. Ravaged boasts features that many other online games won’t include such as dedicated public servers, competitive support and advanced graphical features. There is also a tool called “FairFight,” which was put in place to keep people from cheating and to instantly take necessary actions if somebody does cheat. Speaking of, this is probably the first time I have ever played an online FPS game and not experienced anybody trying to break the game, so hats off to 2 Dawn Games for really taking a stand.

Ravaged is a very fun and beautiful title. However, with that being said you should definitely try out the demo before shelling $24.99 for this title. Everybody has a different perception of what an online FPS game should be, so it would be wise to spend an hour or so with this before deciding you want to buy it. I really am looking forward to seeing what 2 Dawn Games will offer in the future to expand on this game. With only three game types it’s easy for gamers not to be intrigued, but the developers seem focused to expand on an already great start. If you are to buy this game, think of your money as an investment for what’s to come and how it will compliment and build upon this framework.

Ravaged is out now and available on Steam for $24.99. You can also purchase the “Clan Pack” for $60, which gives you four copies of the game to send to your friends. Ravaged is rated ‘M’ for Mature.


Review Rating: 4/5
Bottom line: try before you buy but worth the money

PROS: Great visuals, creative level design, variety in classes and vehicles
CONS: Vehicles difficult to maneuver, limited content at this time

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