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PS4 Wish List

Posted on February 13, 2013 at 4:52 pm by Stephen Janes

At the beginning of the month, Sony teased that the next best thing in gaming would be announced on February 20th. There isn’t a single person who has reason to believe that the impending announcement isn’t something related to the Playstation 4, which makes sense seeing all of the rumors and “insider” knowledge of the next-generation of gaming. With this announcement just about a week away, I’m going to layout my wishlist for the Playstation 4, which henceforth will be the PS4 and not the Orbis, which brings me to the first item on my wish list:

Name the next console the PS4, not the Orbis


Orbis? Gamer, please!

There are a lot of rumors and speculation that suggest the name ‘Orbis’ is being thrown around to describe the next Playstation console. I understand that consoles all have developer names just to title the project and throw people off, but go with what works. First you had the Playstation (One), then there was the Playstation 2, and then the Playstation 3. Sony should do themselves a favor and call the next console the PS4. There is already an established fanbase, so why change it? Microsoft seems to have the idea established with the Xbox family and despite the ridiculousness idea behind the WiiU, Nintendo at least stuck with what worked.

Better Online Service


This was the best picture I can find.

It’s hard to complain about a free service until you actually try the Playstation Network. There recently was a nice GUI update for the Playstation Store, but I still have issues trying to find anything in the store. In addition to that, I have noticed that my online experience with major games such as those in the Call of Duty have been a bit smoother on the Xbox360 than the PS3. The PS4 needs to upgrade their servers so that everybody can at least experience better quality online gaming. Then again, this might be a minor issue for certain people; I’ve played sport games and other non-shooter multiplayer games online and have had minimal to no issues. I’d also like to see an official PSN app where I can message my friends and purchase games/credit on my phone.


Trophy Transfer Over and More Physical Rewards



I’m almost certain that trophies will be a part of the PS4 seeing as there are cross-over trophies with the PS Vita. I would love to see my trophy count from my PS3 account carry over to the PS4 so I can continue earning digital credit that nobody cares about. Furthermore, I would love it if certain PS4 trophies would reward the user with gifts. I’m not talking about anything monetary since that could cause problems for the studios, but I would love to get an exclusive theme or avatar just by earning certain trophies in-game. The PS3 had something already in play with trophies and Playstation Home, but I don’t know anybody that used PS Home outside of its release. I would also like to see trophies ‘pop’ a little faster when you achieve one while playing a game. Speaking of PS Home…

Minimal to No Integration with PS Home


It’s been five years, can it really still be a ‘Beta?’

Seriously, I used PS Home a handful of times when it was first released, and that was it. The service was really interesting at a glance, but other than that there was no need for it. I forced myself to log into PS Home on occasion just to make sure everything was in place and to update the service only to shut it down and never speak of it again. I can maybe see Sony integrating PS Home as the new XMB for added relevancy, but to me that feels too similar to the Wii Miiverse, which I wasn’t a huge fan of either. Shocking, I know. A better set-up would be to give the player the option of having either the XMB to run your system or have your living room in PS Home as more of a graphical substitute.

Same-Day Digital with All Games

PS3 Day 1 Digital

It’s a great start, now expand on it and make it bigger.

Here’s a phrase that I never thought possible; the PS Vita might actually set a trend for the future. Certain games (like PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale) when purchased with the PS Vita would come with a PS3 voucher so you can get the console version for free. While I’m not talking about free games per se, I am advocating for all game releases to be offered either through PSN or in physical media. The Nintendo WiiU is offering a similar service, although it looks like they will start with their major titles (Mario, Zelda’s, etc.) and eventually offer it for some of the second and third party titles. Sony can get ahead of the game by coming out from the start and saying that all PS4 games will be released digitally the same day the BluRay discs are available.

Stick with the Dualshock Controller



I’m hearing that the future PS4 controller might include a touch-screen built into it. I’m really hoping they don’t make a tablet with control buttons on the side, but I’m sure Sony will take another Nintendo idea and make it their own. The Dualshock has been tried and true, so why bother breaking what doesn’t need to be fixed?

Feasible Starting Price with Less Options

This many hundreds and then some.

This many hundreds and then some.

I’ve always considered myself to be pretty savvy with video games and technological hardware. Sony took that assured statement and kicked it in the giblets by offering three different PS3’s upon release. This one was backwards compatible, but this one had a bigger hard drive and that one had a butt-warmer expansion. Sony just needs to stick with two options at the most; one that caters to those looking for a quality entertainment device (maybe preloaded with a movie or two) and one catering to the dedicated gamer (Playstation Plus voucher and bigger hard drive). It would also be nice to be able to afford the PS4 on launch day, regardless of what version I’m picking up. I guarantee to you, the readers, that I will definitely be complaining about this when the PS4 launch price and bundles are announced.

More Features

Will Gaikai have a large presence on the PS4?

Will Gaikai have a large presence on the PS4?

It sounds like Sony’s game plan for the PS4 is to introduce better features and gameplay options, which falls perfectly into this category. A lot of fans fussed over not having cross-game chat, but to be honest it was a feature that I didn’t miss. Sony is always innovative when it comes to console features and I’m certain the PS4 will follow suit. One feature I would love to have is the ability to download game data before actually buying the game. It would be nice to install the necessary game data and any applicable patches of a game if I was planning on owning it eventually, although I’m sure Sony would flag this as a security issue somehow. Either way, we don’t really need bigger better graphics, just more intense hardware and new features exclusive to the PS4. A wildcard in this category is Sony’s ownership of Gaikai online service. We have no idea how they will factor into the PS4 (if at all), but something tells me Gaikai should have a presence on the PS4.

There are several other features that I’d like to see on the PS4, but I feel these are the most important ‘deal breakers.’ Do you Geeks have any other features that you’d like to see in the next PS4? Do you agree or have anything to add to what’s already listed? Remember to mark your calendars on February 20th for the future of gaming. I’ll have a complete write-up of the PS4 and do a comparison to the features I listed here.

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