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Primal Carnage Review

Posted on October 31, 2012 at 4:29 pm by Justin Cavender

Primal Carnage is an online multiplayer shooter developed by Lukewarm Media and brought to us by Reverb Publishing. Now you might be asking yourself another FPS? Really? Well this game is a tiny bit different, in Primal Carnage you get to play as dinosaurs, RAWR!

This team based shooter sets humans against dinos in an all out war for survival. We all know dinosaurs and humans never shared this planet at the same time, but now is your chance to find out what would happen. Sure we’ve all watched Jurassic Park and like to sing-a-long with the fun music, who hasn’t? Now is your chance to play a sneaky raptor and get a taste for human flesh. It’s been 65 million years since dinosaurs have walked the earth. Best of luck to any human that gets in your way.

Both teams, humans and dinosaurs, have five different classes for players to choose from. I never really got tired of any of the classes and each one brings something unique to the table.


  • The Scientist: The sniper class allows you to stand back and shoot dinos from across the map. Be careful though, it’s easy for the smaller enemies to sneak up on you and rip you apart.
  • The Commando: His name pretty much says it all. Fun for all the run and gun types. Equipped with an assault rifle and grenade launcher, the Commando is prepared to lay waste to the biggest baddie in the game.
  • The Pathfinder: This survival expert has an interesting ability. He uses flares to blind dinosaurs and blasts them to hell with his trusty shotgun. An excellent class for those tight spots you always seem to find yourself in.
  • The Pyromaniac: Equipped with a flamethrower and chainsaw, The Pyromaniac is definitely one of the most fun classes in the game. The only problem is you have to get pretty close to those ravenous dinos to hurt them.
  • The Trapper: Two pistols and a net gun means he’s ready for business. This jack is a criminal and a poacher so feel free to nom nom nom this bastard any day of the week.


  • The Raptor: Fast, agile, and scary. The Raptor can take down its enemies before they even knew what hit them. Leap at those dirty snipers from behind and rip them to shreds.
  • The Dilophosaurus: This sneaky little guy likes to spit venom at his prey, which disables them for a quick and easy kill.
  • The Pteranodon: This flying beast makes things pretty interesting. Swoop down to grab your opponents and take to the skies. Watch them squirm as you drop their fragile bodies from great heights to their deaths. *side note – I would make screeching sounds when I played this class.
  • The Carnotaurus: This monster likes to use blunt force to stop enemies. All you need to know is once a Carnotaurus starts running, anything in its way will be destroyed.
  • T-Rex: ‘Nuff said.

Primal Carnage is powered by the Unreal Engine so the graphics look excellent and polished. Currently there are five different maps to play on with more planned in future DLC. I have to say I really enjoyed myself while playing through all the dinosaur classes. Most of my kills came from the raptor class. They just move so quickly and their leap not only devastates your opponents, but can save your life as well.

I’ve played several matches on both sides and it took some time for me to figure out how to stay alive when playing as a human. The key to survival is to stick together. Don’t be a hero and get separated from the group. You won’t make it 30 seconds. Work as a team and you’re unstoppable. Combining the Trapper’s net and the Pathfinder’s flares, the dinos won’t know what hit them. Use the Pyromaniac to steer the dinos into your traps and you shall have victory.

The gameplay is extremely fast and smooth. I didn’t even check my control layout and just assumed I would be dealing with standard FPS controls. In a few short moments I was locked and loaded in this savage game of cat and mouse. It’s important to know when you play as dinosaurs the camera switches from first-person to third-person. This helps tremendously in setting up your target for the kill.

Primal Carnage is a great game for mixing things up a bit. Given there is no single player campaign, I was pleased with how much time I’ve already spent playing this crazy game. Five maps isn’t much, but the price is right and for $15 it will keep you busy. I’m excited to see new maps and possibly new classes in future DLC.

Primal Carnage is available for download on their website, Steam, GameStop, GamersGate, and Rain for $14.99

Score 8/10

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    • Dinomite

      Sweet! I was looking forward to this game. I might have to wait for a steam sale though. I'm poor and cheap, haha.

    • ShoNuff

      8/10 Seemed high to me. There isn't much to this game but it is addicting to say the least. I guess when you just look at it for what it is, an indie game looking to shake things up a bit then it maybe a 7/10 would be better.

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