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Preview: Interview with actor Brandon Soo Hoo (Ender’s Game)

Posted on February 26, 2013 at 1:23 am by JESSIE

Ender’s Game, written by American writer Orson Scott Card, has been and probably will continue to be my favorite science fiction novel of all time. In anticipation of the Ender’s Game movie, which is set to be released in November of this year according to IMDB, I have been able to successfully set up an interview with actor Brandon Soo Hoo, who will be playing Fly Molo, Ender’s left hand man.

Mr. Card you genius, you.

Brandon has had quite a successful acting career, acting alongside big Hollywood names such as Jack Black, Ben Stiller, and Robert Downey Jr. in the hilarious, but slightly-controversial Oscar-nominated movie Tropic Thunder. On the set of Ender’s Game, Brandon had the opportunity to work alongside legendary actors Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley.

The objective of this post is to open the floor to any readers out there that would like me to ask Brandon any specific questions come interview time. For those of you who have any ideas, please submit them in the comments section! All questions will be taken into consideration (and most likely will all be asked). There are no limits, so get creative ya’ll and let’s come up with some interesting inquiries!


Check out Brandon all swagged out in this interview video!

    • You guys all seemed to get pretty close while filming. What was the best part for you working with a cast of fellow young actors?

      What is your personal favorite scene from the book Ender's Game?

      In the coming months until the release, what are you most looking forward to?

    • When did you first read Ender's Game and what was your reaction?

      What was the training like prior to filming?

      We're there any pranks while you were on set?

    • Tim

      How close is the film to the actual story in the book? I understand that some things have to be left out to fit it into a movie, but how much did things actually change from the movie to the book?

    • JESSIE

      Sweet, thanks guys! Keep em' coming!

    • Oran

      How long have you been a fan of the books?

      If you could play anyone else, would you? Who?

    • Jennifer

      If you were able to play any other character in the book who would it be and why?

      Would you command an army in Battle School if you could? Which army would you command?

    • What do you remember the most from "Ender's Game" over the period of shooting?

    • How exciting was it when you found you were added to the cast? What thoughts were running through your head?

      What's your favorite memory while you were on set?

    • What scene from the book were you most excited to film?

    • haha sorry… one more!!

      What scene from the movie are you most excited for us all to see?

    • Enderverse Fan

      Were the Battle scenes fun to shoot?

      Who is your favorite character from the series?

    • dannydawg

      DO you have any idea on how long before a trailer is released?

    • dannydawg

      About how many people are in an army? Same as the book… or a lot less?

    • dannydawg

      As far as the story's more violent events. Can we expect that to be portrayed in the move?

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