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Presto! Zatanna Zatara Available Now as Injustice DLC

Posted on August 13, 2013 at 1:15 pm by Justin Cavender


Zatanna Zatara has made her way onto the roster today for Injustice: Gods Among Us. Those of you that wish to attend her magic show can download Zatanna on PSN and the Xbox Marketplace for $5. You can check out her combos and dazzling finisher by watching her announcement trailer. For those of you with no clue as to who the heck she is, you might want to watch a quick history video before you download her character.

She’s a bit of a sneaky-sneak with slight of hand and escape talents. It’s worth noting Zantana knows how to use actual magic and isn’t simply using smoke and mirrors. How does she do it you ask? Well magicians never reveal their secrets. Still want to know? OK, her magical incantations are done by pronouncing words backwards. There, are you happy? You pushed and you pushed and now the mystery is over. Best of luck beating Superman to a bloody pulp. On the plus side, one of his weaknesses is magic. Go figure…

Still no word yet as to if and when Zatanna Zatara will be available on Wii U. Maybe if you say the magic word? Abracadabra… err… Arbadaxarba! Sad panda.

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