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Prepping for Fall TV – Recapping the ’12/’13 Season [SPOILERS]

Posted on August 16, 2013 at 1:19 pm by Amanda Andonian

The fall ’13/’14 season is upon us! In about a month, a lot of our favorite shows will be returning to the small screen, so now’s the time to get caught up for the start of a new season. Taking advantage of TV Guide’s report, I selected the shows we talk about the most and put together this handy primer to get you all ready. Also, I gave each show a rating of Watch, Don’t Watch, or Maybe Watch to let you know whether next season will be worth your time (in my opinion).

Beware! If you haven’t been following these shows, then there are spoilers ahead. So, in alphabetical order:

arrow the cw


The CW – October 9th
My Vote: Maybe Watch
I don’t follow Arrow, but I know Justin is a huge fan. Apparently, the season ended with Tommy dying as he tried to save Laurel, and the Dark Archer succeeded in decimating The Glades, despite Oliver’s attempts to stop him. In the new season, we’ll fast-forward to five months later where Oliver is trying to deal with the horrible aftermath. We’re going to see appearances from the Flash and the Black Canary, as well as new villains Bronze Tiger and Deadshot. Since Summer Glau is apparently joining the cast, I might actually tune in for season two.


The Big Bang Theory

CBS – September 26th
My Vote: Watch
Last season, Leonard took off for a four month long research trip, leaving Sheldon and Penny to their own devices. Raj finally talks to Penny without being drunk at the same time. Big breakthrough for him! Next season (the seventh) will pick up with Leonard still gone and Penny and Sheldon bonding with each other, which I look forward to since I’ve always found their love-hate relationship hilarious. I’m glad that they finally got Raj to the point where he can talk to girls. The conceit was getting a little tired.


Boardwalk Empire

HBO – September 8th
My Vote: Watch
Last we saw him, Nucky (Steve Buscemi) won out against Gyp Rosetti, though Margaret left to return to Brooklyn, effectively leaving Nucky in the dust. In the new season, Nucky will try to mend the fences he tore down during the war with Gyp, though of course it won’t be that easy. We’ll also see Capone kick the operation in Cicero into high gear, enlisting his brothers to help out. Although I haven’t been watching Boardwalk Empire, Randy assures us that it’s a great show. HBO has a pretty good track record, so I’ll probably try to catch up with this before September.



Fox – September 16th
My Vote: Don’t Watch
Brennan finally got engaged to Booth, but the good times don’t last long as Pelant reared his ugly head again and threatened to kill a bunch of innocent people if Booth didn’t call it off. Like an idiot, Booth agreed. Don’t worry, though. It’s been confirmed that the two will get married next season at some point, so I guess there goes the suspense!

I’m not really sure why I keep watching this show since it bores the hell out of me, and I don’t like villains that are so diabolical that they’re ALWAYS one step ahead of the heroes for no apparent reason. I enjoy a good struggle, but it’s tiring to watch people you’re supposed to like constantly get out maneuvered over and over again.



ABC – September 23rd
My Vote: Watch
OMG, Castle asked Beckett to marry him! Oh, it wasn’t a super happy, tear-filled proposal? Nope! It was probably the most bleak and depressing marriage proposal I’ve ever seen. Next season, Beckett will be struggling with the decision to marry (or not marry?) Castle, as well as whether she should take the job offer in D.C. Since Lisa Edelstein (House) is joining the cast as a federal agent, I’m guessing that Beckett says yes to both.



NBC – October 25th
My Vote: Don’t Watch
The season finale left us wondering whether Nick was actually dead after being poisoned by a voodoo Wesen who turns people into “zombies.” The answer is yes! Season three will start off with Nick turned into a zombie, and his friends have to save him. Of course they will, and so the rest of the season will be concerned with Monroe and Rosalee’s relationship, as well as Nick and Juliette getting to know each other again. I don’t know about you, but man that sounds boring! I’ll probably just turn it on for background noise before I go to sleep.



Showtime – September 29th
My Vote: Maybe Watch
The CIA was bombed, and Brody was implicated. Even so, stupid Carrie helped him get out of the country. For season three, the CIA will have to try and put the pieces of their agency (and agents) back together. Carrie will go off her meds, and Saul will have to shoulder the responsibility of running the CIA. Much of the first few episodes will focus on the damage that Brody left behind and how everyone else has to deal with his actions. While I did find the first season interesting, Carrie’s bizarre love affair with Brody has left me somewhat disinterested. Still, I do love me some Damien Lewis.


How I Met Your Mother

CBS – September 23rd
My Vote: Maybe Watch
Ted decides that he’ll sell his house and move to Chicago when Robin and Barney’s wedding is over, and the mother was finally revealed! Lilly and Marshall agreed to move to Italy for her job, but then Marshall found out that he was offered the judgeship he applied for. My guess is they’re not going anymore since we already know from previous flash forwards that Marshall eventually becomes a judge. But we’ll see!

Season nine will be the final season, and the entire thing will occur over the course of Robin and Barney’s wedding weekend. Does anyone else think that sounds like an utter chore? This isn’t 24; I’m really not interested in watching the events of the wedding in near real time. The only reason I’ll watch the final season (after all the episodes air) is to watch Marshall slap Barney for the last time.


The Mindy Project

Fox – September 17th
My Vote: Watch
We last left Mindy after chopping all her hair off to go to Haiti with Pastor Casey, who wants to go there on a mission trip. Of course, the show also teases the unrequited chemistry between her and Danny before going to black at the end of last season.

While the new season will begin with her and Casey getting ready for their wedding, Mindy Kaling confirmed that her character won’t stay engaged for long. Also, Adam Pally (Happy Endings) and James Franco will join the cast for a bit. I really enjoyed the first season, so I can’t wait to watch Mindy’s ridiculous hijinks again.


Modern Family

ABC – September 25th
My Vote: Watch
Poor Phil had to go back to Florida for his mom’s funeral, and the entire family goes with him for support. Haley was kicked out of college and had to move back home earlier in the season, and Jay and Gloria also welcomed their new baby, Joe, into the world. There’s not a lot of information on what we can expect for next season, but maybe since DOMA was struck down, Mitchell and Cam might actually get married?

new girl

New Girl

Fox – September 17th
My Vote: Watch
Poor Cece was left at the alter, though since she kind of initiated it, she wasn’t incredibly torn up about it. Elizabeth and Cece told Schmidt that he has to choose between the two of them, and Jess and Nick take the plunge and decide to pursue a relationship.

Obviously next season will focus on whether Nick and Jess can keep it together, as well as what Schmidt’s ultimate decision is. Surprisingly, Coach will return (remember him from the pilot episode?), which will make Winston feel a little insecure as the other guys fight over hanging out with Coach. Also, Jess’s sister will be introduced, and apparently that’s not going to be a good thing.

once-upon-a-time (1)

Once Upon a Time

ABC – September 29th
My Vote: Don’t Watch
Man, can this show get any more boring than it already is? Last season’s finale saw everyone making the trip back to Neverland since Tamara and Greg kidnap Henry, most annoying child ever. I can’t express to you how ridiculous (in a bad way) and convoluted this show is, so I won’t bother trying to recap the other BS that happened last season. Suffice to say everyone is always in trouble all the time.

Season three will focus on Neverland, where we’ll see more of Peter Pan, who’s actually kind of a dark and sinister character. I might actually find that interesting if the rest of it wasn’t so bad. The show will also introduce Tinker Bell and Ariel. Personally, unless they make this the Mr. Gold Show, I have no interest in watching.

parks and recreation

Parks and Recreation

NBC – September 26th
My Vote: Watch
Poor Leslie had to deal with some activist group trying to run her out of office, and Diane tells Ron that she’s pregnant with his child. Also Chris and Ann keep trying to get pregnant, so there may be two babies this season! Not only that, but a wedding has been teased for the sixth season, though we don’t know who’s getting married yet.



NBC – September 25th
My Vote: Don’t Watch
This show’s still on? I only include it in this list so that I can ream it for bad writing, misusing the cast, and still keeping Charlie as the main character. Anyway, apparently Aaron managed to get the power back on, and Randall took that opportunity to send a missile strike against Philly and Atlanta before committing suicide. Yep, that’s right! Also, Neville wrests power away from Monroe and Nora dies. Also also, the President is in Cuba?!?

Honestly, who cares about the next season? Obviously the power will go back off again, and it’ll be a struggle for power (har har) between all the principle players. A bunch of new people will be joining the cast of Revolution as well, because clearly we need more characters to make this convoluted show even more confusing.



The CW – October 8th
My Vote: Watch
At the end of the last season of Supernatural, Sam and Dean manage to close the gates of Hell, which leaves Sam in dire straits since they couldn’t complete Crowley’s exorcism. Also, Castiel and Metatron expel all the angels from Heaven, and Cas is left as a human being. With all the angels fallen to Earth, this next season is going to be a doozy. Of course, they’re not all-good, benevolent beings, so Dean and Sam will have their work cut out for them.


The Walking Dead

AMC – October 13th
My Vote: Watch
We last saw Rick and the gang joining forces with what was left of Woodbury after the Governor’s freakout, also saying goodbye to Andrea (boo hoo), who was bitten by a zombified Milton. When the series picks up again, it’ll be several months down the line, after Rick has integrated the Woodbury inhabitants to the prison. This season of The Walking Dead will see the introduction of Bob Stookey from the comics. Right off the bat, there will be tension between everyone in the prison, and the specter of the Governor will hang over all of it.

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