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Polypore: A Journey Through Time and Space

Posted on December 4, 2013 at 10:00 pm by Jess Hicks

Polypore is a twisty satire on today’s pill popping culture. Surrounded by disease and sickness at every corner, it’s amazing that we don’t all drop dead the second we walk out the door. Polypore touches on telepathy, time travel, clones, murder and mind bending foliage while delivering a fun and exciting ride.

This independent film is intriguing and entertaining, well worth multiple views in order to fully grasp the entire message. Our main character (Jeffery Bielat) is a bright young man who struggling to find his place in the world. Stuck in his parents house and jobless, he sinks further and further into depression until his mother’s foreign plant unlocks a secret that’s been germinating for years.

Polypore movie review

As a whole, Polypore is pretty solid with superb acting, cinematography, and musical score. The acting was the real highlight for me, with each actor breathing life into their characters, making them feel whole. I could easily identify with the main character and his after-college woes, so much so that even when the film entered into odd territory like time travel and cloning, I still felt that each character was relatable. In addition to Bielat, my favorite members of the cast included the unsuspecting parents. The mother’s dialog in particular had me laughing out loud every time she opened her mouth.

Certain parts of the story didn’t seem entirely coherent, but that never stopped the movie from being enjoyable. I found the somewhat convoluted tangents easy to forgive because it’s clear that the filmmakers loved this project. As far as the technical aspects go, the cinematography used in this film is striking, namely the shots in Paris. It had a sort of precision that’s lost on many films today. Each shot was obviously framed with extreme care, so much so that I could have watched the whole thing without sound and still understood the emotion of each scene. I also adored the original score, which is energetic, entertaining, and down right fun to listen to—as a sci-fi adventure flick should be.

Polypore movie review

At its core, Polypore is an achievement in independent cinema. It’s a film made by fans of the genre, and it doesn’t try to borrow from other films, instead forging its own way through a field that’s so often wrought with cliches and worn out archetypes. I appreciate a good homage as much as the next movie buff, but new filmmakers often fall off that thin line between homage and ripoff. Polypore gives us a (mostly) solid story with humor, action, and fantastical adventure.

Polypore: B

Check out the trailer below, and if you like what you see, head on over to IndieReign to watch this and other amazing indie films.

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