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Play MS-DOS Games In Your Browser

Posted on January 8, 2015 at 12:33 pm by Stephen Janes


Everything old is cool, that’s pretty much the definition of ‘retro.’ Many websites have dedicated their time to preserve anything that could be classified as retro. Website Internet Archive updated their site to include over 2,300 MS-DOS titles such as Wolfenstein 3DThe Oregon TrailSim City and more. Best part is, all games can be played on your Internet browser without having to install anything.

The site claims the MS-DOS emulation is still in a beta stage and that bugs and glitches can be expected, but I spent about an hour playing different games and didn’t experience any issues. All games work exactly as you probably don’t remember, except you don’t have to type any code into DOS to get a game going.

Over 2,000 titles is a great start and it sounds like the idea is to keep adding more titles along the way. You can review games, add them to your favorites and rate them all on the site. There is also a full screen mode that you can enter but I did have some minor problems getting it to work properly sometimes. You can customize the controls in each game to fit your liking or use a virtual keypad system which is coming soon, assuming this will be utilized for phones and tablets.

If you never had a chance to play some of these old-school classics, I suggest you head on over and check out this amazing collection of MS-DOS games. Might I suggest Wolfenstein 3D or Chex Quest if you are looking for a vintage shooter. I also remember spending an unhealthy amount of time on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade as a kid, so it’ll be fun to relive those memories. Then, there is always The Oregon Trail for you dysentery lovers.

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