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Peggle 2 Review: Ode to Joy…Again

Posted on December 16, 2013 at 8:40 pm by Stephen Wood


Sometimes, I get tired of killing zombies, racing fast cars, sneaking around ancient cities and laying the smack down on my friends. Sometimes, I just want to play something simple and fun. Peggle 2 is just the game the doctor ordered. Don’t let it’s simplicity fool you though; Peggle 2 is full of fun features and gives you plenty of reasons to pick it up. But can it really improve on its predecessor?

A Proven Formula


The core gameplay hasn’t changed much from the original Peggle. You have 10 balls used to knock out a series of orange targets in a Pachinko type board. You also have green targets to use your character’s special ability, purple targets for point multiplier and blue targets to fill the rest of the board. You can get extra lives by either generating a large enough combo to earn one, or by having your ball fall into a constantly moving bucket. In most games, having the game being so similar as the original would be a major flaw; but for Peggle 2, it’s actually a good thing. The gameplay just works so any significant changes could have hurt the experience. Instead, Peggle 2 improved in other areas. The boards now have animated backgrounds which is a nice touch. It doesn’t add anything to the gameplay but it does add to the overall experience. They also added a Trials mode, which consists of precision based challenges that are a nice change to the regular game of aiming and hoping for the best.

Great Character(s)

The characters in Peggle were nothing more than a face put to different special abilities that could help you go through the game’s countless puzzles. In Peggle 2, not only are the characters given a personality, but they have become a focal point of the game. No longer are they just a picture on the side of the puzzle; they are now fully animated and react to every move you make. There are also skins you can unlock for each of them that come with their own set of animations and music, which is a change from the first game’s sole use of Ode to Joy. The special abilities attached to each character are also better than ever. Big boulders, aim assist and electrical area effect are just some of the powers you can use. They can dictate the difference between winning and failing miserably. Unfortunately the number of characters is limited to 5. I would even welcome back the characters from the first game, but only Bjorn the Unicorn made the cut for the sequel.

More Features Please


There are some features noticeably missing that do take away from the overall experience. First and foremost is the lack of local multiplayer. It’s the first thing I looked for when I finished downloading the game, so I was disappointed to find out that it was absent. Pop Cap Games has already announced that they’ll add it in the future, but I believe this feature should have been available on day one given that it’s so much fun to play at parties. The lack of an arcade mode is also noticeable because the number of boards are limited as it is. A board creator would also be welcome as it would give us infinite re-playability, just like Trials HD has done; but instead we are left only with beating our own best scores and finishing each mission objective as the only motivator to replay boards.

Overall, Peggle 2 is a solid game that takes what made the first game fun and improves it. There are already plans to expand the game post-launch, but right now it’s a little light on features. Still, clearing a board will always put a smile on your face with the flashy animations and catchy tunes that follow. It’s a pretty game with easy to learn gameplay, making it fun for the entire family.

Presentation: 9.0

Gameplay: 8.0

Replay: 7.0


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This review is based on the digital copy of Peggle 2 on Xbox One.

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