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PAX Report: Just Shapes & Beats is Just Awesome

Posted on September 4, 2014 at 12:23 pm by Victor Chaves


Around the last day of PAX Prime, you start to hear about the special games being murmured about; ones where in an unnoticed corner surrounded by other indie titles, a developer in an unassuming tone and a grin on their face will point a controller at you and ask, “Wanna play?” To which the next ten minutes blows you away like a Maxell Cassette Tape.

Just Shapes & Beats does just that. The basic premise is to dodge shapes while listening to some amazing music in what can only be described as a musical-bullet-hell. By mixing the shapes that appear with the music and it’s rhythms and melodies, simple red columns and dots that rush across and fan the screen become punctuated with such an invigorating feeling that I felt like I was running the whole time I was playing. The controller needed a towel after five minutes.

Gameplay comes down to moving around the screen with the joystick and pressing a button to dodge. Although simple, the extremely sensitive shape you’re controlling only serves to reflect the panic that dawns at the start of each level as you move like a jittery mouse. When I played a few levels with two others, there was an extra feature where if a player gets knocked out, the others can quickly bump the knocked out comrade to revive them. Since the game is so difficult, making sure I wasn’t too far away to revive my friends but not too close to be caught in the same trap led to an awesome culmination of panic and desperation that you rarely find in games nowadays.

Personally, I can’t wait for Just Shapes & Beats to come out for it’s awesome multiplayer gameplay and jamming soundtrack.

Check out the developer Lachhh & Friends.

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