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Pacific Rim: Holy Balls What a Ride!

Posted on July 3, 2013 at 8:34 pm by Jess Hicks

Where do I start? Something this awesome is hard to put into a few simple words, but hey that’s what I’m here for right? It’s no secret I’m a giant monster movie fan, I used to live on monster movies from the 50s and 60s as a kid. There is something about monster movies that make me feel like a bright eyed kid again. Pacific Rim is truly a perfect blend of style and substance that calls back to a time where heroes and monsters were all you needed to keep you interested.


For those of you who don’t know, Pacific Rim is Guillermo del Toro’s newest film. He takes somewhat of a departure from his normal film-making style and brings us a good old fashion humans vs. monster flick. This time, the humans have built super awesome robots (Jargers) they can control by using Vulcan like technology to meld two brains to work as one. What happens is a lot of ass kicking action intertwined with that feel good attitude of 80s adventure movies.

pacific-rim-rinko-kikuchiPacific Rim excels where a lot of films seem to fail lately in that it doesn’t rely on one “big name” to carry the entire movie (cough World War Z cough). Instead it has a diverse and widely entertaining cast throughout the film. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any main characters, it just means we get more of them. In particular I thought the character of Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi) was extremely engaging. Kikuchi did a great job of making us feel sympathy for her while also giving us a female character who truly kicks ass. The side characters really brought home the feeling of the classic 80s movie. Finally sidekicks worth watching. Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia) and Burn Gorman (Torchwood) as the conflicting scientists were so entertaining that I actually wish the movie was about 15 minutes longer if only to have more scenes with them.

But enough about the humans, what about the monsters? Without giving too much away I will only say they arrive with a purpose and are just about unstoppable. Kaiju’s, as they are called, have come to Earth and now it’s time to do battle. The Kaiju come from the sea so they resemble creatures we are familiar with like lobsters and sharks. But they also reminded me of something from my childhood. Which could have aided in the 80s feel I got from it:

and you thought everyone forgot about Street Sharks.

Street Sharks

I saw this in 3D, which is not my normal viewing experience, and after popping a Dramamine I can officially say 3D is cool but I don’t think it adds to the experience at all. The Kaiju fighting the Jaeger is going to be an enjoyable experience regardless of the dimension you are watching it in. I will say that if you are naturally a 3D fan then this will probably be right up your alley but if you’re not a fan you won’t miss out on the experience if you see it in plain old 2D.

If you feel going to the movies has been a rather boring experience lately, aside from a few superhero movies here and there, you finally have a reason to shell out your hard earned ducketts. This is a movie for, quite literally, everyone. Adventure, comedy, romance, sci-fi and tons of spectacular action will make everyone love this flick. I can’t say enough good things about Pacific Rim. Is it a perfect movie? No but it’s damn near close. Visually it’s breathtaking, particularly it’s use of the color blue. More importantly it just has a good heart to it, nothing too deep and it doesn’t force a message down your throat. It’s just a ton of fun and that’s exactly what it needs to be.

Film Grade: A

Closing Thoughts & Side Bars:

  • Stick around after the first set of credits, there’s something pretty hilarious
  • My only complaint is with the leading man Charlie Hunnam, something about his performance irked me but the rest of the cast made up for that.
  • Is it just me or is Idris Elba way more attractive with his natural accent? Methinks yes.
  • Rob Perlman is a GOD!
  • I don’t know if this was on purpose but Clifton Collins Jr. was dressed just like the eleventh Doctor.

Clifton Collins Jr.


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    • Jennifer

      This is one of the summer flicks I’m really looking forward to. I’m glad to see a good review!

    • Scott Kielty

      Funny that this is the one movie I will never see. Something about this movie makes it look soo bad to me. Who knows. Glad you liked it.

      • Jess

        Oh man! I guess I can see how it could look…nope no i can’t lol.

      • Mike

        You. Are. Dumb.

        • Scott Kielty

          Aren’t you sweet.

    • LynnC

      I can’t wait to see this one! Super excited.

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