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Oh Orson Scott Card! When Will You Stop Being Crazy?

Posted on August 15, 2013 at 2:59 pm by Amanda Andonian


Just caught wind of this via THR. Back in May, Orson Scott Card wrote a rather long “speculative” piece on Barack Obama called “Unlikely Events” in which he discusses what he thinks the president may or may not become in the future. Most notably? Obama is setting himself up as dictator of the US.

The post is pretty long, mostly discussing foreign policy until it starts attacking Barack Obama as an ineffectual president who probably wouldn’t do anything if there was a nuclear attack on Isreal. He’s certainly entitled to his opinions, so this isn’t the part that I find crazy. Here’s the crazy part:

Hitler came to absolute power because the military and businessmen of Germany saw him as the one to put their opponents in their place.

That’s how the American elites — the educational establishment, the unions, the media — already see Obama. Like Hitler’s allies, they won’t understand what a monster they’ve created until his power is so entrenched that he can turn it against them. And then it will be too late.

That’s what history teaches us — it can happen anywhere. And when the historians write about it after the fact, they will point out how obvious all the signs were from the start — the way they write about Hitler now. Why did so many people go along with him?

Before that lovely passage, Card suggests that Obama will setup Michelle as the next president, meanwhile changing election laws so that by the time her term is up, he’ll essentially be in total control of the electoral process, thus keeping himself in the White house. On the road to power, Obama will also create his own version of the Brownshirts through the creation of a “National Police” who will be comprised of “young out-of-work urban men” (that description is already in quotes in the piece, not sure where Card is quoting it from).

Not that I’m defending the Obama presidency or anything, but is Orson Scott Card crazy or what? He attempts to write off this wild speculation by calling it “an experiment in fictional thinking,” saying that it’s his job as a writer to make the implausible seem plausible. Sorry, Mr. Card. While I agree that you are a great writer of fiction, this is not a convincing scenario to me at all.

This coupled with his anti-gay comments in the past will probably make Lionsgate wish they’d never signed on for Ender’s Game. In any case, I think that Card’s fictional experiment loses credibility automatically per Godwin’s Law.

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