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Oblitus Review: Sir Lance-A-Lot

Posted on March 14, 2015 at 1:15 pm by Victor Chaves


Oblitus from Adult Swim Games has some good and bad aspects of the game that in the end, leave the player feeling very mixed on whether this is a good or bad game. Think of the game as Rogue Legacy meets Dark Souls, yet does not capitalize on what makes those games great.

The Lowdown

The game is set up that you need to kill some bosses to feed this spirit to make you stronger. You move around broad 2-D areas killing enemies and making your way to bosses, and you are equipped with a shield and lance as well as some powers you pick up along the way. Powers are found as scrolls or fire plants that result in a helpful fire upgrade to your lance, a fire blast whenever you land, and health increase; like the game, some of the upgrades are cool, others are pretty boring and standard affairs.

If you die, you lose all powers you gathered and are sent back to the beginning area, which is absolutely disastrous as the quality of combat and level design are not up to par to warrant another trek to the boss. Not to mention, the powers you obtain are not guaranteed since they are randomly generated, which is good and bad because as I mentioned, some powers are good and some are boring.

No Fun in Failure

What I most disliked was that the game had no sense of progression: you lose powers when you die, you return to the same location when you die, and the game doesn’t let you check what bosses you have killed. I understand that there must be punishment for death, but not to the point that the game feels like I’m starting all over again!

The combat is fine. I never used the shield as rolling around the enemies always worked, but the lance itself is a great tool for combat. Using the right-stick to aim attacks as well as being able to throw your lance was a lot of fun. The fact that the lance came back after being thrown made for the player having a lot of interesting ways to tackle enemies.

Bosses were interesting and fun to fight since they required the player to be skilled, like the first boss requiring you to have good aim when throwing the lance. What doesn’t work is how these bosses kill the player quick, and the player has to go through the entire level again. It’s not okay like how Dark Souls has your souls latiying where you died, or Rogue Legacy letting you spend money to get a bit stronger, because there is no pat on the back in Oblitus if you die. You need to run through garbage enemies for five minutes to get to a boss that will quickly kill you at least five times to get their patterns down. This isn’t fun.

Final Thoughts

I can accept a game being difficult, but a game has to be at least fair and interesting to be difficult. The fairness is lost with the lack of progression, and the interest is lost because the levels and enemies are not engaging to fight. Oblitus has redeeming qualities, but they only match the bad qualities it has, and never reaches over.

Presentation: 6

Gameplay: 4

Replay: 3


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This review was based on a copy via Steam provided by Adult Swim Games.

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