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NYCC 2014: Tim Seeley on Grayson

Posted on October 15, 2014 at 6:41 am by Zakk Saam


Last weekend at New York Comic Con, Geek Legacy has the pleasure of catching up for a few minutes with Tim Seeley, co-writer of Grayson for DC Comics. Grayson is a new series revolving around Dick Grayson post-Forever Evil, following the former superhero’s adventures as a spy.  Grayson is co-written by Seeley and Tom King, who himself is a former spy, once working for the Central Intelligence Agency.

Geek Legacy: So Grayson, what is it like working on a spy story, with someone who is ex-CIA?

Tim Seeley: Uh, so far, well it’s funny. He knows and can tell me about the emotional beats, how it feels to be this, but he can’t tell me any information that is obviously classified. So a big part of it is Tom going “Nope, can’t talk about that. Can’t email you that. Nope.” He’s signed a bunch of NDA’s and can’t do that. But the really, really important part is he can share what’s its like to do this. What it feels like to be out in the cold. What it feels like to be alone. That’s the stuff that he’s a total resource and asset for.

GL: So there’s Dick Grayson the superhero as Nightwing and there’s Dick Grayson the spy. What’s the biggest difference between them in your opinion?

TS: The superhero stories, I think, because their so firmly rooted in Gotham, it’s easy to decide who’s the bad guy. If you’re really crazy and you’re going to blow up a bridge with a bus full of children on it, you’re probably a bad guy. In the spy stories there are bad guys, but there are also a lot of gray guys. We’re challenging Dick to a new scope of his morality and what he’s learned from Batman and what he takes from his prior experiences.

GL: What do you find most challenging and most intriguing about working on Grayson?

TS: Initially, getting the readers to go along with us. The satisfying part is being able to play with a character you know very well, because you grew up with him. And feeling confident you’re doing the right thing with the character. I know this is right. I don’t question what we’re doing with the character and I know we’re doing him justice.

GL: With such a fan favorite character like Dick Grayson, do you feel a lot of pressure writing him.

TS: Absolutely! I try to just think about the fact that I know that I wouldn’t do something to the character that would mess him up, becuase I care too. There’s always pressure, but I didn’t lose any sleep though.

The most intriguing thing in our interview with Seeley is Seeley’s intentions to challenge Dick’s morality. Perhaps we will see Dick break the rules Batman has instilled in him, such as killing, or using guns.

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