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NYCC 2014: David & Meredith Finch Talk WONDER WOMAN

Posted on October 15, 2014 at 5:28 pm by Heather Antos

WW_Cv36Earlier this year it was announced that the husband-and-wife creative team of David and Meredith Finch would be taking on WONDER MAN, beginning with issue 36. The Geek Legacy team had the opportunity to sit down with the talented duo at New York Comic Con to discuss Wonder Woman, and her role in the New 52:






GEEK LEGACY: WONDER WOMAN #36 has been announced as the very first of the Finches run on this iconic heroine. When will readers be able to pick up the issue?

MEREDITH FINCH: November 19th, so just a month away! Well actually more like 41 or 42 days…

DAVID FINCH: Not that we’re counting!

GL: Of course not! [Laughs] Now, will this be the first time the two of you collaborate on a series together?

MF: Yes! I’ve done three comics now, myself, through Zenescope. But definitely this is the first time David and I have collaborated together.

GL: How’s that been working out for the two of you, being married and working so closely together?

MF: We’re still married! [Laughs] We’re in the honeymoon phase of creation!

DF: [Laughs] Absolutely! For me, it’s been great because the story is really Meredith, but I get to have a little bit of input here and there which is gratifying. She’s also really letting me lay out the fight scenes and have a little bit more control when it comes to pacing the page. I started my career that way at IMAGE comics , in the books that I did I got to do the story that way. It’s nice to have that control and since she’s still in the house, it never veers too far from the story.

HA: Speaking of story, Brian Azzarello’s and Cliff Chiang’s run – to end with the upcoming WONDER WOMAN #35 – has recently been focusing a lot on the Olympian and Amazonian drama in Wonder Woman’s life. Are you staying in that realm? What’s different?WW36pg10sm-1

MF: We’re definitely staying in the world that Brian and Cliff have created. Some of that Amazonian drama is going to carry over – because it’s not done. I do think that the ‘god drama’ for now is fairly finished. We’re going to steer her in a different direction and lean more into her interactions with the rest of the Justice League and the rest of her life.

HA: Now, I have to ask, as a woman, how does it feel to be writing such an amazing and strong female character?

MF: It’s, to be honest, a little intimidating. But it’s also empowering at the same time! It really gives me an opportunity to put my own spin and interpretation on the character. I’ve really tried not to go too much into who she has been over the last forty years, but instead focus on who she’s been in the New 52 and then put my own interpretation onto that. Brian has created a really strong character, himself! And so I don’t want to take away from what he’s done – I just want to give it a little tweak.

HA: Now we last saw you, David, drawing Wonder Woman during FOREVER EVIL. How has it been returning to this character?

DF: It’s been a great change. I drew a lot of female led books years ago, which I was known for when I came into Marvel. But it’s been so long now that no one remembers that. Even just, for me, approaching it now is extremely fresh. You know, sometimes you need that in your career, just to go out there and throw everything away and try something new. Also, Wonder Woman is such a visually striking character, very iconic. I mean, with all the DC characters you’ve got some great silhouettes that you can see from a million miles away! Well, maybe not a million

HA: Unless, of course, you’re Superman!

DF: True!

HA: Speaking of, will there any familiar faces that might be joining Wonder Woman in the upcoming issues?

MF: Definitely! Definitely you’l see familiar faces! Again, because I want to try to touch on the other aspects of her and how it effects her and how her interplay is with theWW36pg11sm Justice League in a really focused way. I only want them to add to the story, you know? But it’s important for fans to know it’s still a story about her – it’s still about Wonder Woman.

HA: What has been both of your favorite aspects about working on WONDER WOMAN?

MF: I’ve been given the green light to do my own interpretation. So I’m having a lot of fun with it! I like to think I have a really fresh take on the character and how I want to interpret what she’s doing and who she is. So that for me is a lot of fun. And also, every day when I get to see a page? So much fun! I mean, to see exactly what I wrote? David has done such a beautiful job drawing the book. Richard Friend has done a beautiful job inking the book. And Sonia’s colors are out of this world!

DF: Yeah, you know it’s tough. I think having the opportunity to work with Meredith is certainly number one. I’ve talked to her about my work over the years, obviously, and she’s been very supportive. I wrote Batman [The Dark Knight] for a little while, and I really could’ve listened to her a little more than I did!

HA: Any last thoughts for the readers about WONDER WOMAN #36?

MF: First and foremost, we are not looking to throw away what they’ve [Azzarello and Chiang] done because they’ve created such a lush environment and they’ve fleshed out Wonder Woman and her supporting cast so well that really it’s just a springboard for us to move forward and branch out the story that Brian was telling. Think of it as we’re picking up on all the little side bits that didn’t get finished.

DF: Yeah, I’m a huge fan of what they did. I’ve read all f it. I mean, the truth is, we are not Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang. So it’s not going to be the same thing. It’s really going to be my artwork and Meredith’s story. And for the most part people are already familiar with what I do, but it’s going to be Meredith’s vision writing it. Ultimately it’s really coming from people that are huge fans of what was done in the past. We want to be respectful to that.


Be sure to keep an eye out for WONDER WOMAN #36 to be hitting comic stores everywhere November 19, 2014!

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