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NYCC 2013: Batman

Posted on October 11, 2013 at 6:36 pm by Tyler Waterman

DC Comics has a ton of panels at New York Comic Con, but few were as hotly anticipated as the Batman panel. Filled to the brim with Gotham’s best and brightest, and hot on the heels of this week’s Batman #24 (which unveiled the New 52’s first Bat-suit), you could sense this panel would be loaded with new information.

It did not disappoint.

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo got us started by diving into Zero Year, making a big point to thank the audience and fans for their reaction to everything they put out so far. Snyder expressed how difficult this project was, considering the significance and scope of reinventing Batman’s origin, and said that Zero Year has been his favorite thing he’s ever written. Capullo echoed his sentiment, and added his own, saying he’s working tirelessly to make sure every panel he puts out is perfect. (And anyone who follows him on twitter knows he means it.)

But comic’s best dynamic duo wasn’t just their to express their gratitude: they also brought some exclusive content! Much to the chagrin of DC’s management, Snyder made it clear he wanted to reveal some spoilers as a way to really thank the fans, and those spoilers came in the form of a sneak peek at Batman #25, the next chapter of the Zero Year saga. (Click the images below to enlarge.)



The images weren’t the only information that they shared with us, either. Snyder revealed that Zero Year is actually a story broken into three parts, separated into Secret City, Blackout City and Wild City (though whether those are actually titles or just general summaries wasn’t clear). On top of that, the relationship between Gordon and Bruce will also be significant, as well as significantly different than what we’ve come to expect. Bruce hates Gordon, a hatred tied to something Bruce believes Gordon did during the death of his parents. Snyder promised that events surrounding the death of Bruce’s parents would be extremely significant to the story of Zero Year, which is particularly exciting, since that aspect of Bruce’s origin is rarely touched.

All of this info was extremely exciting, but Batman wasn’t the only Bat-title represented at the panel. The recently announced new weekly series Batman: Eternal was on hand, with a massive surprise that no one saw coming from James Tynion IV: long-time fan-favorite character Stephanie Brown will return to the DCU in the third issue!


Peter Tomasi then revealed the upcoming arc for Batman and Robin will be Batman and Two-Face, a five-issue spread that will emphasize the madness of Harvey Dent and the duality of all of the characters he interacts with, not just himself.


The rest of the panel featured books that were out now, such as Nightwing #24, featuring the end of the Prankster story arc, as well as Catwoman #24, which features the clash between Selina and The Joker’s Daughter. Finally, the panel ended with questions, and further reassurances from the Gotham crew that everything they do they do for us, and that the feedback we give them never goes unnoticed.

Batman’s 75th anniversary is next year, and Snyder promises that 2014 will be a year to remember for fans of Batman, and I believe him. This team of creators is like a massive family, it’s clear to see just being around them, and if the Bat-family contains some of your favorite characters then you can rest assured they’re in the very best hands around!

What Bat-announcement has you most excited? Let us know in the comments!

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