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NYCC 2013: The Avengers

Posted on October 11, 2013 at 7:55 pm by Tyler Waterman

Going into NYCC, we knew that Marvel had a lot up their sleeves. The boatload of teaser images that were revealed in the weeks before made it clear that they had a lot to share with us. Since the teasers also revealed where each would be revealed, one thing was particularly obvious: the Avengers panel was going to be loaded with new info.

Rest assured, the panel did not disappoint! Many of the one-word teasers were explained; some weren’t that surprising, but others were completely out of left field. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect from the Avenging side of Marvel, with the previous teaser in bold and today’s explanation alongside it.



Mindbubble – Starting in Captain America 16.NOW, Cap and company will find themselves dealing with a new villain, Dr. Mindbubble, who is specially designed to put super-soldiers out of commission.


Extinction – In Avengers A.I. #8.NOW, the robots have won. What remains of humanity, and what side are the robotic Avengers on?


Frenemies – Where else are friends enemies and enemies friends than in SHIELD? Secret Avengers returns to its original form of espionage and, well, secrets with what appears to be a reboot of the title (again). Spider-Woman will also be joining the team, along with an as-of-now undisclosed new member as well.


Global – Worried there weren’t enough Avengers books coming from Marvel? No worries… here’s another one! Avengers World, also written by Jonathan Hickman, will focus on the Avengers returning from space and the events of Infinity, returning to find Earth dramatically different from when they left it. The role they play in defending the peace will be the core of this book, as well as looking at lower-profile members of the team as well.


 Descent – Coming out of the final results of Avengers Arena will be Avengers Undercover, where the surviving young heroes who make it out of Arcade’s Murderworld will go undercover within the ranks of the Masters of Evil. However, the results of Arcade’s torment has left all of the kids with scars aplenty, and just how “undercover” some of them are will remain to be seen.


Trust – Everyone has to grow up eventually, and that apparently holds true of Asgardian gods as well. Kid Loki isn’t quite a kid anymore in the new Loki: Agent of Asgard. Do I really need to sell you on this… it’s Loki in his own book!


Atonement – In another big solo surprise, the Black Widow is getting a book all her own. Sure to be filled with espionage, assassinations and other forms of kickassery, this announcement was met with a large number of cheers from the audience.


And there you have it! Many questions were answered, and many of the teasers have now been explained… let us know what you’re looking forward to the most below!

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