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Nothing But “Live Bait” – The Walking Dead Review [SPOILERS]

Posted on November 17, 2013 at 10:18 pm by Amanda Andonian


Welcome back for another episode of The Walking Dead! Last week at the very end of “Internment,” we were greeted with the (not so) welcome sight of the series’ greatest villain so far—the Governor. Rather than making us wait and wonder about what happened to our erstwhile public official, this week’s episode caught us up on what the good Governor has been up to since he mowed down nearly all of Woodbury’s hale and hearty citizens last season.

Spoiler-Free Recap, “Live Bait” – A
The return of the Governor starts to catch us up on what he’s been doing in the last several months. Emotionally scarred by what he’s done, the Governor wanders aimlessly until he meets a family that just might help him recover from the monster that he was.

Final Spoiler Warning!

the-walking-dead-live-bait“Live Bait” picks up mere moments after the events of “Welcome to the Tombs,” catching us up on where the Governor has been this whole time. Although his two minions were too afraid to stand up against him when the Governor killed everyone in their party, that fear doesn’t last into the next day. His rage burnt out, the Governor stares blankly into the fire, not even stirring when a walker trips right into the flames, grasping for him. Seeing that their fearless leader has lost his spirit, the other two leave in the middle of the night, abandoning the Governor to his fate.

He goes back to Woodbury long enough to burn the town to the ground, but rather than go back to the prison and risk his life, the Governor is now a lone wolf. Wandering for weeks, he gradually wastes away to almost nothing, stumbling along as though he were a walker himself. Although he does have enough will to live that he keeps going, the Governor still seems like he’s dying a slow death. But is it because he only just barely cares enough to stay upright, or because he’s punishing himself for what he did?

When he comes across a family that managed to survive in their apartment building, drawn to them by the sight of their little girl standing in the window. After telling them his story, it seems like the second possibility is more likely. He tells him everything, leaving out the fact that he’s actually the leader who “lost it” back at the community he used to live in. Though they don’t entirely trust him at first (or he them), they soon grow on each other, and he regains more of a will to live than just keeping his heart beating from minute to minute.

the-walking-dead-live-baitThough it hardly seemed possible after the end of last season, this season’s Governor is a changed man. Attempting to atone for the horrible things he did back at Woodbury, the Governor takes Lili and her family under his wing, retrieving oxygen for her dying father and helping her daughter recover from her fear of the world they now live in. Although he does try to leave at one point, not quite ready to give himself over to them, Lili convinces the Governor to stay and help them find a better place. His tentativeness towards them reveals how afraid, yet desperate he is, though his more vicious side comes out again whenever they’re in danger.

It seems that the war between those two halves will become more and more of a focus for the season as the Governor tries to recover from his past, especially since he runs into one of his former minions (Caesar) at the very end of the episode. Finding Lili and her family has given him a chance at a fresh start, but will he truly be able to turn over a new leaf? Since they’ll no doubt join Caesar’s gang next week, could it only be a matter of time before his inner demon comes out again? Or do you think that the Governor has changed for the better? It doesn’t seem likely that he could ever make up for everything that he did, but “Live Bait” went a long way towards convincing me, at least, that he might be redeemed.

“Live Bait” – A

The Walking Dead: Season 4 Episode 6, “Live Bait” aired November 17th, 2013 on AMC.

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