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Notes from C2E2: Batman Eternal

Posted on April 30, 2014 at 9:25 am by Zakk Saam



Scott Snyder, architect of Batman Eternal from DC Comics, had a lot to say on the series this past weekend at C2E2. Joined at the panel by Dustin Nguyen, James Tynion IV, Jason Fabok, Jim Chadwick, John Cunningham, and Peter Tomasi, the panel spoke about how things got started and where they are likely headed with Batman Eternal in the coming months. The weekly comic was started over a year ago in a discussion between Snyder and Tynion after DC came to them asking if they were interested in doing a weekly Batman comic.


Preview image from the upcoming Batman Eternal #4

The goal right from the beginning was to bend the mythology of Batman and Gotham City and to make 52 weeks seem like a small amount of time for such a grandiose story. Tynion spoke about the monumental moment from the first issue where Commissioner James Gordon is arrested and spoke about how this was the moment they needed to kick things off. The first three issues were written last September.

Jason Fabok, the artist for the first three issues of the series, was brought into the fold past October by Mike Marts, and started doing the art back in November, so that he could have three issues done by the series launch in April. They gave him a bit of extra time in order to really go “all out” on the artwork. Fabok, a relative newcomer to DC, thanked the fans and the creators for giving him the chance to showcase his talents on this series.


Preview image from the upcoming Batman Eternal #4

Tynion explained that the first three issues act as a “pilot” to the Batman Eternal series, setting the scale, scope, and initial problem. From here we will begin to see the effects of the rest of the city and the heroes within. Issue 4 will focus on Barbara Gordon, Batgirl, as she begins her attempts to prove her father’s innocence.  Issue five, written by Tynion, will focus on Tim Drake and Harper Row, who fans got to see as “Blue Bird” in a recent issue of Batman #28. These two issues will have a sci-fi feel to them. Issue six, from Ray Fawkes, will have a focus on Batwing and Spectre, which will kick off the supernatural aspect of the story. From there, issue seven, written by Tim Seeley, “we have everything come to a head in like huge, bombastic way as the real gang war erupts across all of Gotham,” and then teased that Wayne Tower would be falling down in a very destructive way.


Preview image from the upcoming Batman Eternal #4

Snyder likened having 52 weeks to tell this story to playing with a Godzilla toy and destroying everything, but in a loving way. But that he didn’t want to destroy Gotham for the spectacle of it, but because Gotham always wants to become something different. Snyder wants every issue to be more than just a work-for-hire job, and wants to accomplish something big every week.  At this point, Snyder said that the scripts for the first 33 issues are complete and we will see all our favorite crazies in it. Batman #28, which acted as a preview for Batman Eternal, takes place after #35, right at the beginning of the third act of the series. That issue acts as a pivotal moment that unlocks the final part of the story.

Issue #4 comes out April 30th.


Preview image from the upcoming Batman Eternal #4

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