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No new DC films for 3 years

Posted on July 11, 2012 at 7:16 pm by David "Snackbar" Edmundson


DC announces there are no new projects currently slated after Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. Insiders in the studio state that at this stage it would be at least 3 years before a new live action film could be released. Rumors have been swirling the Internet about Christopher Nolan’s involvement as a producer on a Justice League and Batman reboot project. Nolan stated last weekend that he will not be involved with those films.

Now before we all light our torches and glitter paint a few “Ryan Reynolds killed DC” picket signs, it is safe to assume that DC is simply waiting to see where they want to go after their two main attractions hit the big screen this year. I am sure they are scared after how Green Lantern performed, as well as several of this year’s big budget extravaganzas… we’re looking at you John Carter. There is no denying that while Nolan’s Batman has been a huge success, their other series have been a mixed bag. Whispers of a Justice League movie have been circling for years, but nothing ever seems to come of it. With The Avengers being so popular, conventional wisdom would dictate them popping out a Justice League movie ASAP. Thinking like that, though, is what got us Green Lantern last year and the Superman Game on the Nintendo 64.

The Avengers was a hit because Marvel set up the movie over 5 other films, and used the same actors for their stand alone movies, cameos in other films in the series, and finally in The Avengers film itself. DC hasn’t done anything close to setting up a world like that. Add to that the fact that their biggest asset, Christian Bale, has publicly stated he was not interested in reprising Batman in a JLA film. To do it right DC would need to reboot Batman with a star we like (not just someone we compare to Bale) and start building the other characters into their own films. It took Marvel 4 years and 5 films to set up Avengers, and I don’t see DC putting in that kind of time. Then there’s the 2000 pound Hulk in the room… The Avengers was such an enormous success that anything south of a billion dollar gross would put a JLA movie as a failure.

Here are 5 things I think DC could do to get into the same league with Marvel.

5 – Make a Wonder Woman film ASAP
Wonder Woman completes the trinity of the DC hierarchy and gives the female presence that all Super Team movies need.

4 – Set up Henry Cavill as THE Superman
Henry Cavill plays Superman in the upcoming Man if Steel. Marvel did a great job of continuing to have the same person playing the same role. It gave us continuity and helped us know what to expect. DC has an extensive history of replacing actors (Batman and Superman especially). Can you imagine anyone other than Robert Downey Jr. playing Tony Stark?

3 – Establish some of the lesser known JLA’ers
DC needs to make us interested in the members of the JLA who aren’t part of the holy trinity. Marvel took a big risk making films of mid level guys. I know Iron Man and Thor were well known, but I don’t think a lot of people thought they should have their own film. My DC vote is for Martian Manhunter movie. The character is amazing, but I fear his similarities to Superman might sideline him. How about a Plastic Man movie? Sounds ridiculous to read, but in the hands of the right director it could be legendary.

2 – Reboot Batman
We know it’s one of their next projects when they decide to get the ball rolling again, but they need to depart from the Nolan/Bale Batman. If they don’t, no one will buy the reboot, and the film will be panned. If done right with a proper Batman, and if Wonder Woman and Man of Steel are successful, the core of the team is set and a JLA movie should succeed. I know that’s a lot of big “ifs”.

1 – Find their Nick Fury / Agent Coulson
Continuity is key in a multi-film story and Marvel used Nick Fury and Agent Phil Coulson to establish it. DC needs to find JLA’s nucleus and inject him into the films. My choice is Martian Manhunter; he’s been in the most iterations of the JLA and frequently is the one that brings the team together. He knows Batman and Superman’s secret identities, can shapeshift, and is powerful enough to bring the team together.

What do you think?


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