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No More PS2 Shipments to Japan

Posted on January 1, 2013 at 11:31 am by Stephen Janes

Sony finally pulls the plug on the Playstation 2 in Japan.

Sony finally pulls the plug on the Playstation 2 in Japan.

In what will be considered the end of a very impressive era, the Playstation 2 (PS2) will no longer be shipping to Japan. This means that the console’s life cycle has reached its limit, at least in one country. However, seeing as Sony ships all its hardware from Japan, it is more than likely we will be seeing something similar happening to Europe and the United States eventually.

The Playstation 2 exits the scene after spending twelve years in the business. As of March 2012, the PS2 has sold over 155 million units, including all models and variants. In addition, over 1.52 billion titles have been sold for the PS2 since it took over our living rooms back in 2000. It’s crazy to think that this console lasted for so long and that there still are games being released for the PS2, but all good things must come to an end.

I remember getting a PS2 back in 2004, which was very late compared to all my friends but it mattered not. I was so impressed that the console could not only play the latest and greatest games, but it could also play DVD’s and music CD’s, a feature I loved so much that I began to re-organize my bedroom with the PS2 as the center point. I cleaned the exhaust fans and dusted around the console every month, while consistently organizing my game saves between memory cards and finding ways to optimizing my game play. While this was not the first console I sickly obsessed over (thanks Super Nintendo), it was the first console in my adult life that I really appreciated for more than just the games. I still have that very same PS2 console hooked up in my current living arrangement and it still runs smoother than butter.

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is what really drove the PS2 to success. In fact, three of the top five selling PS2 games belong in the Grand Theft Auto universe, with Grand Theft Auto San Andreas topping the list (17.33 million worldwide). For a while it was hard to believe that the closest competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox, could actually compete with an established powerhouse like the PS2.

Some of my favorite games on the PS2 included the Kingdom Hearts games, the God of War franchise and Grand Theft Auto Vice City, among others. My fellow Geeks, what were some of your favorite PS2 memories? Still have that console lying around?

So join me, Geeks, as we power down our controllers in memory of a legend. The PS2 lasted longer than any could have imagined and helped usher in a new era of gaming and entertainment. Twelve years strong, and yet it still seems too short.

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