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No Man’s Sky Soundtrack Available Now on YouTube

Posted on August 4, 2016 at 9:06 pm by Justin Cavender

No Man's Sky Soundtrack

The No Man’s Sky soundtrack is available to stream on YouTube days before the game is released next week on August 9. The electro math rock band 65daysofstatic has released 10 tracks that play back-to-back in one stellar playlist lasting over 47 minutes.

Back in December 2014, Sean Murray, Managing Director at Hello Games took to the PS Blog to announce “65daysofstatic, probably my favorite band, is going to be writing a new album of music inspired by NMS. Their music has always provided the soundtrack to everything we’ve shown so far, and we’re going to collaborate to create a unique generative soundscape for the game.”

The upcoming science fiction odyssey by Hello Games boasts an open universe where if you see a mountain or planet in the distance, you’ll be able to travel to it. Players will explore uncharted solar systems and catalog new life forms. Along with facing unprecedented dangers both in outer space and on a planet’s surface. Lastly, you’ll be able to share your discoveries with other players, naming them, and adding them to the Galactic Map, which will in turn associate them with your unique PSN ID.

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